Gottfried: "You Have To Make Some Shots"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to Virginia.

Opening Statement...
You have to make some of them.  We seemed to miss open shot after open shot after open shot. We got it down to eight points and I think Guy hit a big three... they hit another two. I think that was a big stretch there, we got it down to eight and they scored five to get it back up to 13. 

Our guys played really hard.  You have to make some shots, especially in critical times and we weren't able to do that today.

Do you think Virginia shot the ball better from three today than you expected?
I think that... not necessarily. They stepped up and made some big ones. I thought Perrantes hit one or two timely three's and I thought Kyle Guy did as well.

They made three's and we didn't. I don't want to take anything away from their defense, they are good, but we had a ton of wide, wide open shots.  We look down and they make 11 and we make seven, and of ours... I thought of ours that we made, we had a lot more open ones than they did.

What were your emotions like walking off the court at the end?
I didn't really think about that. I was disappointed. I wanted us to win. We have to go play at Clemson... we have the tournament. Who knows? Great things can still happen for us.

Our fans have been great, amazing. Everywhere I've been in town, they've been great. Everyone has been positive, appreciative... all that. I just hope we can somehow do some more positive things like we did in Atlanta a couple of nights ago.

When did you think of starting BeeJay?
I think last night. That's the right thing to do for him. I'm not a guy who usually does all of that for Senior Day, but BeeJay is different. He is the blocked shots leader for our school.

I thought he did good today. He gave us some good minutes.  I thought it was the right thing to do.

How has your relationship been the last couple of weeks?
BeeJay, I think he's a great young guy. I'll always be pulling for him. I've been frustrated with his conditioning, body, those things, but I hope he knows, and I think he does, that's the business side of what we do.

That's different than the personal side of what we do. It is what it is now, and I thought he did a nice job today, a really nice job.

People have been discussing Virginia's shooting problems. They were I think 11-of-16 from three.
Most of those, a couple of those they had pretty good looks but I thought they earned them too. On our end, I thought we had more open looks than they did, we just couldn't make them.

Sometimes that's the game. In a game like this, slower-paced, you have to make some of them. You won't make every one of them, but we missed way too many great looks, wide open looks. We had more open looks than they did, trust me. We didn't make enough of them.

Would you rate BeeJay's career as being successful?
I think our people should always appreciate BeeJay. There's a frustration there too with his conditioning, but my hope is he gets his degree and graduates from NC State. That's my No. 1 hope for him.

I hope our fans appreciate him and the contributions he's made. He's meant a lot.

It's probably the last time Dennis will play in this building. What do we take away from his time?
We're not done yet, I know we're done in this building, but I think he's had a marvelous freshman year. Sometimes the expectations are so high... and I'm as guilt as anybody of putting them on him, but we all are. He had those expectations coming in.

Sometimes you don't really appreciate how good someone is every night.  I've been around athletics a long time.  Not only is he a freshman, he's a freshman who missed a season of competition last year with a torn ACL.  Those guys sometimes it takes a while to get back... a half a year to get your confidence back... you look at him and what he's done coming off that. I think it's been spectacular.

We have a lot of basketball left, but I think he's had an amazing year this year.

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