Gottfried: "We Will Be Ready"

NC State head coach Mark Gottfried fielded questions from the media on the ACC's weekly teleconference.

Opening Statement:
Well, we will be ready to play against Clemson.

When you look at Clemson, it's a team that's been right there just about every night. They are much, much better than their record indicates. They've had more close games probably than anybody I can remember.

Blossomgame is a great, great player. We know that and very talented around him as well, but for us, we're trying to find a way to finish strong and get some momentum prior to the ACC Tournament so we can see what happens up there.

You have a game before the ACC Tournament. Is it possible for a team to win five games in five days?
Sure, absolutely it is. I don't think there's any question.

You have the weekend off... does momentum mean something to you?
You'd always like to have some momentum but when the ball goes in the air and the game starts, I don't know if anyone is remembering what happened before that. 

You have two teams playing each other. That game will stand alone itself.

Is the tournament made for this NC State team?
Yes I think so. I think it gives you a chance to right the wrongs.  You just never know. That's why you go play the games.

I remember Georgia the year we were in the SEC with the tourney that came through Atlanta. They ended up winning the tournament that year. I think Connecticut the year they won the national championship, they had to win four or five in the Big East Tournament.

You never know. That's why you have to go play and see what happens.

I ran across an old media guide from Oral Roberts, and the profile on you talks about your coaching roots. What kind of influence was all those folks on you?
They've all been a major influence.

My dad was a basketball coach.  He coached at the high school level, then the small college level, and at the Division I level. My uncle Mike, the same thing on the football side.

People know about Jim and John Harbaugh, but their dad Jack, he coached as well.  Jack was actually my godfather when I was young.

I think all of those relationships have had an impact on me wanting to coach.

Is it something you want to continue to do?
Absolutely. 100%.  That's my goal. I want to continue to coach and help young guys.

What do you want to see from your team at Clemson?
We have to bounce back. We played really well in Atlanta, had a great win over there and I think against Virginia we couldn't make a shot.

Certainly I know our guys will be ready to play after not playing well on Saturday.

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