Gottfried: "I'm So Proud Of Them"

CLEMSON, S.C. -- NC State's Mark Gottfried and Torin Dorn met with the media after the loss at Clemson.

Opening Statement:
Pretty well played game by both teams. I'm proud of my team, I thought they hung in and fought hard.

A critical play was with I think 45 seconds or so in the game. We really defended them well, Dennis came off his guy and helped, ball squirted out... we fouled them with three seconds on the shot clock... down one, just gave them two points. 

I felt if we got a stop there with the ball, a chance to take the lead, things could be different.

We didn't get as good a look as we wanted there down two... I wanted the ball in Dennis hands and we're good with that. 

I thought the foul there with around 45 seconds on the clock... it was probably a drastic error on our part.

They played good, Blossomgame played great in the second half.

I thought we did a good job making it hard for him too.

We did a lot of things well, just came up a little short.

It seems like your guys have continued to play hard.
They have... I'm so proud of them.  Sometimes people forget how hard it is for them sometimes. We recruited every guy on this team and has great relationships with every guy. It's tough for them sometimes too.

They battled.  We won at Georgia Tech... went over here and went down to the last possession with a chance to win.

Now we have to go to New York and see if we can get on a run.

Any update on Markell Johnson?
No, we'll evaluate him tomorrow. It's kind of a knee injury. I don't know that our people are ready to determine it yet.  They'll go home and look at it tomorrow.

What were you looking for on the final play?
I wanted to get Dennis a three; he had just made one there.  We've got an action we call "Push" and didn't execute it well enough.  Both bigs are supposed to come up to the foul line there and I think Ted got up there late.

That happens sometimes with a young team but that's really not an excuse.

Do you have an update on Markell?
We'll find out tomorrow.

How much does that hurt you?
Well, Markell has been playing well. I thought he played well in the first half. He gives us a perimeter player with quickness, speed.

We were down one player at the half and everybody stepped up. We got good minutes out of Torin Dorn, a couple of minutes out of Shaun Kirk.

They did a good job on the offensive glass.

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