Abu: "Good Things Are Ahead"

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- NC State's Abdul-Malik Abu met with the media after the loss to Clemson.

Malik, I'd like to know your emotions right now. This is your last game of the season, it's your last game ever playing for Coach Gottfried. How does this feel?
It's a weird feeling, you know. This is the only college coach I've ever had. I'm forever grateful he gave me the opportunity to play for this wonderful program. Taught me millions of things. I just wish we could have kept the family together.

It's kind of tough. But, you know, I'm proud of our guys. I'm proud of Coach. I love him to death. You know what I'm saying? I love all our staff.

It's tough, you know. But life moves on. Good things are ahead for, you know, all of us.

Talk about your up moments and down moments in this season. When you look back to this year, what are you going to remember?
The biggest thing I'm going to remember is just the family-ness, you know, when things are tough. You guys had big opinions on us throughout the season, but we stayed together as a family. I never been closer with a group of guys, you know, from the staff to each player.

We walk into practice, and we had a good aura. We never got down on each other too hard. We just knew what we were capable of. We knew we were young. We knew that there were some things we needed to fix. It was the love that kept us together.

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