VIDEO: Pack Players Talk Keatts Hiring

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Lennard Freeman, Abdul-Malik Abu, Torin Dorn, and Shaun Kirk met with the media to discuss new head coach Kevin Keatts.

NC State's Lennard Freeman, Abdul-Malik Abu, Torin Dorn, and Shaun Kirk met with the media to discuss new head coach Kevin Keatts.

"If you play hard you can play with anybody."

"It's been an interesting experience but a good one... having a fresh start, fresh face to take us where we want to go. Everyone knows we haven't had the best years."

"This change and direction we want to go is something that's very exciting to a lot of people, myself included. It's very exciting."

"His attitude. He loves to work hard and has interest in player development, academics, and winning... his love for winning stuck out to me."

"I knew who he was and I watched UNCW play. I had a lot of friends on their team."

"He was cool... we got to meet him, talk to him... hear his vision... it's exciting."

"Individually we want to be as good as possible and as we get better our team will get better. Once we get into the fall and implement our team stuff, there's no where to go but up."

"We're excited to come out here and play for you guys because we feel like why not us. It could be us every year."

"I haven't decided that. We just got a new coach so that's where my focus has been. I don't know when the deadline is to decide that. I haven't been focused on it. I really look forward to being here. I love it here. This is my home.  If I make any decisions you guys will know right away."

"I feel like you're just starting a good paper... you have to start it. We kind of didn't know where to go. We knew coach G wasn't going to be here sadly, we all loved him.   He was my coach for three years, but we needed to know what the next step was."

"With coach Keatts being hired, I feel it's a good next step and everybody can lay out there plan and figure out what they want to do. Our guys here are focused, ready, and we look forward to the new schemes and culture."

"My first thought was wow we finally have a coach... with coach Keatts, I know he has a winning culture and that excites me. I'm ready to listen."

"It happened pretty quick, and I feel that's for the best so we can start putting our steps in the right direction."

"She told me we wanted to get this thing on the road, and I'm proud of the effort she made. She did a fantastic job of talking to us and finding out what we wanted. We didn't go in and pick coaches, but we just described the ideal coach we felt could help us be the most successful."

"My teammates were trying to figure out what kind of coach he was and I told them he was a great guy and great coach. That caught their attention, that I knew a little about him. It took some pressure off him."

"They love him already... not even spending an hour with him, they love him to death." 

"When you have that type of connection, a lot of great things can be accomplished."

"We know it's going to be crazy. I can't wait."

"Can it, yes. We just need the right pieces to get it all back together, and I think coach Keatts is definitely one of the pieces. Like he said, we have the resources to do it, it just takes hard work and the right pieces."

"It was weird because I'm used to coach G coming in here, but when he came in, we just got a vibe that it was something different, something special. He told us that he'd work hard.  He couldn't promise how many games we'd win, but he's a winner and he expects us to win.  He said we'll work hard, and I felt that's all we needed. If you work hard enough, you'll get what you work hard for."

"That's the guy.  He's a smooth dude. I was excited for it. I didn't know who they were going to hire, but I was looking around at the candidates and I was like this is the guy I like a lot. When he got the job I was excited.  I can't say what we talked about, but I was happy. I can't wait for the change."

"I knew about his time at Louisville and I talked to some of my basketball connections like AAU coach and high school coach and they told me nothing but good things about him. I asked around about him as a person and all I heard was good things about him."

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