Yow: "The Flow Was Great"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State athletics director Debbie Yow met with the media to discuss the Kevin Keatts hiring.

"The best part about it is I liked who we selected.  I really did mean the values aligned... it really is similar to Dave."

"I texted coach Doeren and I said we hired a guy as our head coach for men's basketball and you're cut from the same cloth.  In less than a minute he texted back, 'so he must be a stud.'"

"He asked me for contact information on coach Keatts."

"Hargrave mattered.  12 years with that type of discipline and accountability has to be a part of who you are as a coach, and I liked all of that. I think you get the best out of people when you hold them accountable in the right type of way."

"I mentioned in my remarks about his wisdom. This isn't about being in power and making them do something. It's about making them understand that what he chooses for them to do in training is only designed to make them better."

"No, he didn't [have concerns about Yow's contract situation], but just to be sure, I put him on the phone with the chancellor. I didn't want to leave any stone unturned. So, whenever I retire, which right now is slotted for 2.5 years from now, he'll have an opportunity for some input with the new AD.  It wasn't a big issue."

"We just asked him to be himself, just like we were. We'd ask him a lot of questions and go off on to a subject invariably that we were both interested in.  Like I said in the press conference, we could still be there talking because we were into basketball. He and I loved that part of the conversation, talking about the game."

"We already were paying $950,000 so we'll be right around $1 million, which is only $50,000 more than we had right now.  When Kevin said we have the resources, he meant already. We already do. We were already in the top ten in the nation in total pool of compensation for the three assistant coaches, at least for the information we can gather. We can't get Duke, Stanford, Northwestern... the privates, but for the publics we were definitely in the top ten."

"He was completely prepared.  He's 100% basketball coach and teacher so the flow was great.  It was in-depth and he was ready for every question that we asked."

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