Louis: "It's Going To Be Fun"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior wide receiver Stephen Louis talks with Pack Pride about spring practice.

NC State junior wide receiver Stephen Louis talks with Pack Pride about spring practice.


How is spring going so far?
It's been going pretty good. You know, a lot of the guys have more experience and we know the offense a little bit better, so it's been a lot more smooth than last year's spring. We've been able to come out here and do some of the plays that we did during the season, and we've been able to go back and reinstall some of the plays for the younger players that didn't get that much playing experience.

And how much discernible growth are you seeing from year one of an offensive coordinator to year two? Is it a huge difference?
Yeah, it's a huge difference. It's a huge difference because guys are more experienced so it's easier on the coaches because the players know what to do, what to expect from the offense and it's easier for the players because we obviously know what to come out here and do on a daily basis. So, it's been a lot better.

The wide receiver group as a whole, how well do you think you guys can do?
I think we could do really good because we compete and we get each other good. You know, iron structures iron, so we come out here and compete against each other, compete against the DBs. It's a lot different now because a lot of us got playing experience and all of us have different traits so it all works out for everyone.

So, it's obviously very early, but if there was somebody maybe off the grid in the wide receiver group that you would say, "Hey, Wolfpack Nation, you should look at this guy, he's going to do special things in 2017."
I think it would be Jakobi Meyers

Last year he was coming from quarterback and he just learned the position, but he's had an offseason, well, winter workouts and he's been able to go through a lot more drills, like receiver drills. So right now, he's looking really good. I don't know if you've been out here, but he's been making some incredible plays and he's looking natural. Like before, he didn't look as natural. Right now, he's looking like a natural receiver. He had the god-given talent, but now he's starting to have the technique, so he looks really polished.

I really expect him to explode this year.

Ryan Finley, how much of a difference do you see with him, knowing the offense because he was a late arrival?
Ryan, he knew the offense since Boise, so with him he's had experience in it. But right now, he's looking really good. He looks very comfortable. Him and Jalen both look comfortable in it.

What are the expectations for the spring and the excitement. When you get to April first or second, whenever this spring game is, what are you all trying to get accomplished by then?
I mean, our goal for the spring is just to get better every day. Get better at one more thing every day so it's a process. You just want to get better and better each day, not really looking all the way to April 1st, but just looking day to day trying to get better at the small details of the offense, the small details of the technique. I think April 1st, you'll see a team that knows what they're doing, that's comfortable in their offense, and just ready to go out and play fast.

How excited are you to get out there on April first in Carter Finley?
Yeah, it's going to be fun. We haven't played a game in a couple months, so it will be fun to be in somewhat of a game-like setting and just to have the fans out there so they can see the offense and be excited.

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