RAPID FIRE: Jarius Morehead

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State redshirt sophomore safety Jarius Morehead talks with Pack Pride about spring practice.

NC State redshirt sophomore safety Jarius Morehead talks with Pack Pride about spring practice.


How has spring practice been going for you... how are they using you right now?
Football wise, it's been going good. I've been rotating with the twos, and all that. Get more reps. 

I'm at safety right now. It's like... our coverage is a little bit like nickel.  I'm working with Shawn [Boone] mostly, bu I feel like all our safety positions are the same.  We all can play them both so if someone goes down we can step in.

What's it like working with Shawn?
He's a senior. He's a champion.  I'm working... trying to learn from him and improve my game. 

How important is that at that position?
It's really important because you're more in the open the field, so you have to be sound back there.

I know there's a lot of optimism about the team as a whole. First let's just kind of start with the defense. Everybody looks at the defense as maybe being the strength of the team, obviously, with what all you've got coming back. When you guys have your meetings and all that, do you feel that same confidence and that optimism that you guys have a chance to have a really good year this year?
Yeah. I don't think we... we lost a few players, but I feel like we have more players that picked us right back up.  

We've got more depth too. I feel like since I've been here, the ones and twos and threes were the same. Everybody knows what they're doing. Everybody is doing the same job... I feel it's about the same.

Name one safety for me who has impressed you and what's stood out about him? 
Isaiah Stallings. What's funny is he came in and he's all confused about the playbook, but this year he's on top of everything. He knows everything. He knows all the reps that's coming in. He does extra weights everyday.

Last year, you got a spot-start against Notre Dame. What was that like for you... being asked to step up in such a big game?
It was tough, but I did a lot of extra work that week.  I bought into everything that the coach was saying. I just took it play-by-play.

Tell me one thing you're really working on this spring?
Football IQ. You can always improve your football IQ.

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