RAPID FIRE: Darian Roseboro

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior defensive end Darian Roseboro answers seven rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.

NC State junior defensive end Darian Roseboro answers seven rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.


You're deep into spring practice now, just how is it going?
It's going better... more fluent.  I'm starting to develop my pass rush better which is something I've focused on this year.

As far as like a unit, it has aligned.  We're doing our thing. We're trying to help the younger guys, help them adjust to the system and speed at the game.  I feel like it's nice... coming along pretty good. We still have a lot work to do, but we're going pretty good.

You feel you're transitioning into the upperclassman role where you're not only learning but you're teaching as well?
It is a fact that I'm student of the game. Everyday I try to... there's nothing you're perfect at you just got to try to be a perfectionist, but I feel like I'm stepping into the role to where I'm more vocal on helping younger guys adjust and doing some extra studying, film study with the younger guys.  I'm just trying to teach them what is expected of them as far as being a leader as well.

The expectation was you guys where going to have a solid unit but then Chubb comes back. Does that make you all more of an elite unit?
Oh, of course.  Chubb is a great talent, and he's a leader as well. He felt like he needed...the best thing was to come back for a year.  There are still things he wanted to accomplish as a team and he has iindividual goals.  

Just far as having him back, we're glad to have him back.

What do you think about the defensive tackles... are they unsung?
Oh, yeah. Our defense tackles, they don't get enough credit, because they do the dirty work that a lot of people that don't really know football don't pay attention to. They do their job.  It takes four guys to get a sack on pass-rush situations. If one person don't do their job, one guy, it hurts the whole defense, and they do their job.

I think that they know what is expected of them, and they are not going to get the credit they deserve.   But, they know inside on the locker room, the guys ... we love what they do, and they know we appreciate them.

Coach Patrick, how is that working out?
Coach Patrick is a really great coach. He came in and didn't try to change things, he just tried to polish up and teach us more about the game.  I think he is a great asset.

What did you look to accomplish from the start of spring to the spring game?
Just everybody doing their job and fundamentals. Fundamentals to everything. That's what coach Nelson taught and that's something coach Patrick teaches, preaches everyday. It's just doing your job and even when you are tired, relying on your fundamentals.

Looking forward to getting back out there in Carter-Finley Stadium for the spring game? 
Nothing like it. Best fans in the world... it's just good to be out there with the guys.

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