Harmon Hopes To Break Out

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore wide receiver Kelvin Harmon talks with Pack Pride.

NC State sophomore wide receiver Kelvin Harmon talks with Pack Pride.


You came in the fall... earned playing time. Are you more comfortable... passed being a nervous freshman?
Yeah, I'm definitely past it, you know, just having these guys around me, like the coaches and the players. Me and Coach McDonald, just like really invested into it, just made me get more confident.

Talk about the relationship you and Stephen Louis have. What's it like growing with him at receiver?
It's really good because he helps me a lot.  I kind of know him the longest and we are both similar so that's why we get along a lot.

A lot of people may look at the offense and say you're missing Matt Dayes.  How can you make up for that? I think with the skill returning, the offense can be more passing-based.
Yeah, I think we have a lot of talent.  I think that's something we are going to do more, and as receivers, we have to be ready for the opportunity.

Looking back on your season, you had some highlight plays down the sideline. When you go out there, do you feel like guys can guard you one-on-one on like jump balls and things like that?
Yeah, I definitely feel that.

Do you feel like now that you're past that freshman year... first spring, things are going to take off even more for you?
I feel like if I keep working, just keep perfecting my craft with Coach McDonald, the sky's the limit. The offense is opening up for us as receivers. We've just got to just build the confidence with our quarterback and our coaches.

What are some of the things you wanted to work on individually in the spring?
Mainly getting fast off the ball. Breaking down my release better... just give me more separation.

Do you feel like as the season went on you were able to get more chemistry with Ryan and Jalan?
Yeah, definitely, because we always try to get together and work... just trying to get our chemistry right.

Give me a couple of guys that kind of caught your eye through spring.  
 Daeshawn Stephens, he redshirted last year, but he's really doing good. Then Jakobi [Meyers]. I think our receiving core really is going to get busy this year no matter who's in it.

What about some defensive backs you matched up against?
Nick McCloud... we're always going at it and he's coming along.  He's doing better.  He's going to be  a really good DB this season.  James Valdez is getting better too. He redshirted last year, but he got a lot better.

When you look at your highlights from last year, what was your favorite play?
Probably the Boston College one because I don't know how I caught that.

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