Moore: "I'm Really Excited"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior linebacker Airius Moore talks with Pack Pride.

NC State senior linebacker Airius Moore talks with Pack Pride.


How things going for you in the spring?
You know they going all right. I was out for a little bit but now I'm back getting into the swing of things, so I'm doing good.

You feel like you're 100% or close to 100%?
Oh, yeah. I'm back in spring practice trying to do my best and then we get the off-season and stuff. I finally get to train more and stuff like that.

Anything you were looking to making improvements on over the spring?
I was looking to get better on blitzing from last year. I probably did pretty good running to the ball and stuff. I improved on those things. I kind of want to maintain them but get better in terms of like blitzing, coming off the edge, trying to put more pressure on the quarterback.

Any players that may be off the grid or new players, players that an average fan wouldn't know about that are sort of standing out to you right now?
Well, I hope they know about Germaine Larry Pratt because... Germaine's doing really well.

All the linebackers are coming along and doing well, too. Matt Stevens, he had back problems or whatever and now he's coming back. He's looking really good in practice. He's been doing well.

How about Shawn Boone? How has he played at safety?
Boone's, Boone, so I don't ever worry about him. They got him switching out a little bit, free safety and strong safety. So trying to get better all around from doing the defense and stuff like that.

Do you have confidence in the guys behind y'all in the secondary?
Oh, yeah. We all have been working really hard. I think a lot of people on the team we're experienced now. A lot of people know the defense and keep working in the spring. When spring is over, we got the summer and then into the season. We should definitely be all over it when the season comes.

Where do you think that group ranks among the ACC, maybe among the country?
I think it's up there. As a competitor, you always want to believe that. I believe that wholeheartedly. We have a great coach. He teaches us about the game, so it makes the game easier in terms of what the other offense is doing in terms of our technique and stuff. So I think we are, then they're going to be very surprised this season.

So when you look at your group, is there a leader among your group? Are you a leader? Who would you say is the leader?
I classify myself as a leader, but I feel like my group is a group that they do what they supposed to do. So you don't really need anybody to tell them like "Oh, you need to come do this. You need to come do that." Everybody's very ... trying to look for the word-

Everybody, we kind of just say we want to do this. Everybody agrees. Our group isn't a group that just needs one true leader. But we do have leaders among our group, I should say.

Now, in terms of being a leader, is that natural for you? Do you have to work at it?
I think there's different types of leaders. I'm not the rah rah guy. That's more Jerod. I'm more lead by example. You know take one person here and there. Like I said, we don't really need to do all that with our group, but the fact that we have multiple leaders within our group definitely helps the team and it helps us as whole.

Coming up on you senior season, does that seem surreal that this is, it's winding down?
Yeah, it goes by really fast. I'm really just trying to savor the moment. Just taking it day by day and enjoying it with all my teammates. Just playing the game as well, cause you never know when your last snap is.

Don't think about, have a sense of urgency, just come out, practice, do what you got to do?
I feel like for the last four years or three and a half years, I've been going as hard as I possibly can. Now it's my senior year. I'm not going to stop now. I'll just keep going every single day trying to get better for the team and then the team'll get better as well so we can have a great season.

How excited are you for this coming up weekend? To get back out there in the real stadium?
Great. It's always great when you got a game-like atmosphere. Everybody brings their A game. So you gonna see who was a practice player and who wasn't. I'm really excited to see who shows up. Hopefully I show up. I plan on doing that, but I think it should be fun.

It's a long ways away for August and September, but in terms of expectations for this team, what do you guys expect?
We have high expectations to be the best we can be. We talk about that all the time. The only people that can beat us is us. The sky is the limit obviously. We just got to continue to take care of what's in front of us and get better every single day and I think that, like I said, the sky's the limit for us.

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