AUDIO + QUOTES: Doeren Talks Spring Game

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the 2017 Kay Yow Spring Game.

NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the 2017 Kay Yow Spring Game.


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Opening Statement:
Academics as far as finishing the semester. Look forward to watching the film here in the next couple days and improving on the things that we need to over the summer.

Anything stand out for you right off the bat?
It's kind of a continuation of what it's been. I think defensively there's good chemistry. Our O-Line, last year, we had four new starters. This year, there's four returners so you can see the way those guys play together. Ryan Finley's really comfortable out there and is able to make some pretty consistent plays. At tailback, we're a little beat up, so got to get those guys back on the field. But it's kind of an extension of what we've been seeing throughout the spring.

Nyheim Hines, what is his role? How does it differ now?
He's playing in the backfield now. He's still out in the slot in some different formations. But just a different way to get him the football. Jay Samuels the same thing. Different way to get him the football. Both those guys will be in the backfield for us along with Reggie Gallaspy, once he's healthy, and Dakwa Nichols.

Coach, what were some of your takeaways there defensively? I know you got a lot of returns that are coming in.
Other than the one big play we gave up on the trick play, I thought they kept the ball in front of them. We weren't tackling so you can't really talk about that but the gap integrity looked pretty good.

The big thing of Coach Huxtable is he wants to leverage the ball, tackle well. He wants to win on the line of scrimmage and establish that and I want the guys to understand the standard of what we're looking for there.

But we've got some growths to be done. Nick McCloud's a young corner. Johnathan Alston is a senior, but he's a young corner. I mean he's only been there for a year and a half now. So that position we've really got to continue to work that, and the nickel.

How happy were you to see Kyle come out here and get five field goals, and hit that 47-yarder out there?
Oh it was great for Kyle. I'm excited that he was able to do that.

Anybody stand out in your game today that just kind of surprised you a bit?
I don't think anyone really surprised me although I thought Locklear's throw was pretty impressive, you know. Coming around on a reverse, throw it 30 or 40 yards like he did to Kelvin [Harmon], that was a great pla,y but like I said earlier, it was just an extension of what we have been seeing.

How important is it for you with it being the Kay Yow Spring Game having the cancer survivors out here?
Yeah I mean that's really an integral part of the game. It's a way for us to show our pride towards that cause and to be able to recognize Elizabeth Trevathan, Coach Trevathan's wife and her battle and her passing... I thought was a special moment for him and his family as well.

We saw a little bit from Damontray Rheem today too. Is he somebody that's kind of fitting into the game plan at this point?
No, he's ineligible this year. He transferred up, but we've got all our tailbacks in the training room right now so he's getting a lot of reps.

I'm glad he's here though you know, after one year he'll be eligible and have two more years.

You mentioned obviously the tailback position a little bit beat up. How big is it for Nyheim to be healthy and be back there at this point?
It's critical.

With him transitioning to that role.
Yeah, it's critical for him. It's critical for Jay Samuels. It's critical for Reggie Gallaspy, Dakwa Nichols.  I mean those four guys are our backs and you know all of them. We've got to have them healthy and ready to go and strong.

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