Bradley Hopes to Shine This Year

Fayetteville (NC) Seventy-First Defensive Lineman Kevin Bradley has had an impressive start to his senior season.

"In my first game against Pine Forest I had 12 tackles and 2 sacks, and against South View I had 7 tackles and 1 sack," Bradley told StateFans. "[Pine Forest QB] Patrick Pinkney's a good quarterback but we kept him contained. That's what you have to do with a quarterback who can run like him."

71st Head Coach Chuck Marrs knows that in Bradley he has a star that can lead his defense from several positions.

"Kevin's a three-year starter for us, and he brings a lot to the table," Coach Marrs said. "He's very versatile because of his size and speed. You can use him in a lot of different ways and that makes him very marketable."

"We've been playing him at nose tackle because he can use his speed, and it limits teams who try to run away from him. He uses his speed and gets up the line for us. Teams have to double-team him on every play and it can free up other players on the team to make plays too."

Despite being considered one of the top players in the Cape Fear region and arguably it's best defensive player, Bradley has slid under the radar in regards to his recruitment. Some schools were able to evaluate him during the May Evaluation period.

"[Curt] Cignetti's been here from NC State, [UNC's John] Bunting's came here to look at him too, but I haven't heard if he has any offers or not. The coach from Virginia called last week but I haven't had a chance to talk with him. They liked him a lot in the spring and he camped at Virginia too."

Kevin enjoyed his camp experience at Virginia, and the Cavaliers have landed on his short list of schools.

"Virginia has nice facilities and it was a good teaching camp," he said. "I learned some good stuff and they taught me some fundamentals about playing linebacker. I was one of the best defensive players up there. Coach Brown from Virginia told me how good of an opportunity that would be for me and for money reasons I couldn't go to many more, but I just went to the UVA camp."

"Georgia, NC State and Virginia are probably my favorites. Georgia has a great football team, I like the SEC, and my family's from Mississippi."

"With NC State, I really like the head coach. Coach Amato's a great guy and I love their facilities. I went to a couple of games last year and I like it.. I like it in Raleigh."

Although Bradley plays nose tackle for 71st, don't expect to see the 6'3 235 pounder playing inside at the next level.

"If it was me, and I coached in college for ten years, I would use him as a pass-rushing defensive end." Coach Marrs said. "He'd be one of those full-time pass-rushers who could come off the edge and create havoc. That's really what he excels at, and I think he can play at any level if he's coming off the edge."

Kevin, who is fully qualified with a 2.9 GPA and admissible SAT score, is still waiting on offers from his favorites and feels that once they see his senior film offers should come in.

"I think they want to see senior film on me because I'm playing Defensive End now but most schools want me as a Linebacker. So I think they are a little iffy right now and want to see how I can do at Linebacker. I'm having a great year, so I don't see it being a problem. I know I can play in the ACC or SEC."

"When a school offers me I'll probably wait on it, take my visits and evaluate all my options first."

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