NBPA: David McCormack Q&A

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- Four-star center David McCormack met with the media at the NBPA Top 100 Camp.

Four-star center David McCormack met with the media at the NBPA Top 100 Camp. 


How important is playing style to your college decision?
Very important. I am definitely looking at playing style, making sure the  program fits me and making sure the coaching style fits me.


What are you looking for in the university itself?
I want a school that has a great journalism program. That is what I want to major in, communications. That is the career I want to pursue. Hopefully my school will have a great program and I can build a foundation in that.


What appeals to you about the NBPA Top-100 camp?
It is definitely a case of me getting better. Playing at a large school is definitely good, I still had exposure but I get more exposure.


What is your strength on the court?
Playing with my back to the basket is always my bread and butter but I will always look to expand.


How do you feel about your growth?
It feels great. Through hard work I have been able to change my game. I have dropped weight. I played good.


What do you weigh?
I am down to 265.


Have you trimmed your college list?
I have not trimmed my list at all. I am still open to all recruitment. I am still talking to all coaches too and I am trying to go where the best relationships are. I am definitely looking for inside-out as far as style of play, how they develop a big man and ways they decide to use him.


Do you have a timetable for making a decision?
I have no timetable yet. It is still up in the air. I have been to a lot of places, but I have been to UVa--that is the most recent. After this camp is over I will be taking an unofficial at Duke, [then] NC State on Sunday.


What are your thoughts about NC State and Kevin Keatts?
Great coach. I know he coached at Hargrave. He is a winning coach, and he will turn NC State around.


What did you think on your recent unofficial visit to Virginia?
[On Virginia] I definitely was impressed by the facilities the tour, the dorms. It was a chance to sit down with Coach Bennett and see how they would use me.


Did you take an unofficial to Georgetown?
I have but not under Coach Ewing’s supervision.


What do you want out of this camp?
Great program, great fundamental -- defense first. It is just a lot of things I need to work on...I don’t want to be a liability on the court.


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