Ask Marque Hall

In Part I of a two-part feature on Marshville (NC) Forrest Hills Defensive Tackle Marque Hall, we let you the fan ask the questions and conduct the interview!

Do you have a timetable on when you want to make your college decision?

"Probably, in January or February. I want to take my visits first."

Do you have any regional preference on colleges? Are you set on staying around here close to home?

"Not really… but because of my family I want to stay close to home."

Another in-state defensive lineman that's drawing attention is Greensboro's Demario Pressley. Are you familiar with him and if so, would you be interested in playing with a player of his caliber?

"I have never really met him but I've heard a lot about him. I'd actually want to play against him… I want to see what he's got. I don't think I'd go to the same school as him."

How has the recruiting process been for you?

"It's not a pain but it's time consuming. Every five minutes it seems like another coach calls, so I just talk to him and see what he's got to say."

Earlier you've said that you want to go to a program that wins. Do on-field results matter that much to you, and if so why?

"They don't really matter but if a school is up-and-coming I want to be a part of that… if they are going somewhere."

Is playing time a major factor for you?

"It don't really matter to me as long as I get to play soon. I know you can't just go in and play right off the bat because you have to prove yourself first."

Are you familiar with Tank Tyler and Mario Williams at NC State? If so, what do you think of those guys and would you like playing with guys like that?

"Yea… I threw against Mario Williams at a track meet at NC State last year. He's a big guy who's pretty tall but strong… I'd love to play with them."

Does your family have any kind of preference on where you go? I know that I'd read where you told one media outlet that your mom liked NC State.

"Yea, my mom likes State. At her job they talk about State all the time so she likes them. Eric Leak played at State, and his daddy works there so they are always talking about State. The rest of my family doesn't really care as long as I work close to home."

Have you had a chance to see the NC State facilities yet and if not have you heard anything about them?

"I was up there for track but I didn't have time to. I heard they were nice… the stadium's suppose to be better now and the new weight room is like the biggest in the country. I talked with Dick Portee last night and he told me that I should make an unofficial visit and come up sometime."

Which schools do you know that you are going to take an official visit to?

"I'm going to NC State… I know that for sure. That's about it right now."

Do you have any leaders right now?

"No sir."

What do you like about the in-state schools, NC State and North Carolina?

"At Carolina… Julius Peppers came from there so they get a lot of credit for that. People always want to go there, and it's always been a winning school. At State… you got Chuck Amato up there, TA McLendon… Lamont [Reid], all them people go up there. It's a good program… it's coming up."

What position is everyone recruiting you for?

"Mostly Defensive Tackle but I'll play either one."

Check back tomorrow for Part II of our interview with Defensive Tackle Marque Hall!

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