Hall's a Special Player

In the final installment of our short series on DT Marque Hall, we talk with his coach, John Lowery, about a variety of issues involving one of the state's premier football prospects.

In Part I of our short-series on Marque Hall, he told us that he really didn't prefer a certain position and that most schools liked him as a Defensive Tackle. His Head Coach, John Lowery, feels his size gives him versatility at the next level.

"It really depends on what they do with him from a body standpoint," Coach Lowery said. "If they want to build him up to 300 pounds then he's going to be an offensive tackle. If they want to keep him at 280 or 285 like he is right now then he's going to be a defensive tackle."

Great size is not the only advantage Marque has over the competitions. He's also one of the quickest linemen on the prep level.

"When a big kid like that can run that well, you don't see it too often. He has an offer from pretty much every major school in the country, and he can choose where he wants to go. I do think he'll stay close to home because he wants his mama to be able to see him play so I think that will be a big, big factor."

"Marque just needs to get his SAT score and if he doesn't get his scores then they'll just send him to a prep school because he has the grades. Some universities would take him as a prop, even though the ACC won't do that. I hope it doesn't come down to that and he'll be able to get score."

While grades could be a hold-up in the future, Coach Lowery feels that there's no need for Hall to rush into a quick decision.

"I think in his mind he's cut it down to about five schools and he'll take visits and stuff like that, but I don't see a timeframe for him. If he was a lower-level player I'd see there being a timeframe because schools would offer their scholarship and others would grab it, but they'll hold one for him."

Hall's still considered by some to be underrated because he didn't attend the NIKE camp and he's not had as much "pub" as other in-state prospects. His coach believes that at Shrine Bowl week, Marque will get a chance to prove that he's one of the state's very best.

"I think the Shrine Bowl will be a great week for him to show what he has. College coaches can come to the practices or the game and they'll get to see him against the other good players. No question in my mind that he'll show out well."

When it comes to dealing with the Wolfpack, Coach Lowery stays in touch with Running Backs Coach Dick Portee, who heads up recruiting in the southwestern region of North Carolina for NC State.

"I deal with Coach Dick Portee directly and he's a really good friend of mine. I think they are doing an outstanding job up there. Recruiting is a funny thing. You win football games, that helps your recruiting, you have stability in the coaching staff that helps, you get top players that helps… all these things are contributing factors and State has a lot of that going for them."

"I think they've done an outstanding job and Coach Portee in particular because that's who I deal with. They have a great shot at Marque."


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