Graham Harrell Q&A

StateFans interviews Ennis Texas QB Graham Harrell to get his thoughts about the top three schools that lead for his services.

StateFans: Will you be watching the Texas Tech/NC State game this weekend?


Harrell: If I get it here in Ennis, I sure will be watching it. It should be on with Tech playing, but with so many Texas schools right around Dallas, they will show a TCU or SMU game sometimes over a Tech game. That makes me mad, but oh well!


StateFans: Those two schools are in your top three, right?


Harrell: Yes Sir.


StateFans: Texas Tech has the 5th highest rated offense in the nation. NC State has the highest rated offense in the nation. Do you see your game fitting in with either of these programs?


Harrell: Yes Sir, I really do. Here at Ennis, we have a passing game that passes 48 times a game. Week 1 we had 573 passing yards and last week we had 330 passing yards. So we are throwing it around just like they (Tech and State) are. You know, they spread it out and try to beat the defense by spreading out and throwing. That's the scheme we have and it fits me perfectly I think.


StateFans: Is Tech and State calling you every week? And where are you at with these schools?


Harrell: Yes sir. I am really interested in both of them. What they run is what I like to do. That is real appealing to me from both schools.


StateFans: What are your season stats after two games?


Harrell: We have me down for 901 yards and 11 touchdowns.


StateFans: What other schools are looking at you right now?


Harrell: Arizona State. Those three are my top three favorites.


StateFans: Have you got a timeline on making a decision?


Harrell: Not really, you know. The sooner the better, but I am definitely not rushing anything. I'm not planning to decide next week or anything like that for sure.


StateFans: Have you scheduled any official visits yet?


Harrell: Well, I am scheduled to go out to Arizona State sometime in October now. That really was not my planning but I am not upset by it at all. I really didn't think I was going to take any during the season. For one, my dad's a coach here and I really didn't think he wanted me to leave one weekend during the season. I think the Arizona State coaches talked to him, so they got everything worked out. Other than that, I don't have anything planned.


StateFans: Can you tell me what it is you like about each one of these schools (top 3), besides the passing game.


Harrell: NC State: I took unofficial visits to all three of those schools. The first thing that got my attention about NC State was Coach Mazzone. When he talked for the first time, his personality made him seem like a great guy. When I went out there, I liked everyone around. I look at their offense, I love that as well. That really attracted me to NC State. 


Texas Tech: Their offense as well, is basically the same system as ours. They are closer to home. But you know, you still have to fly in a way, so I guess that's not that big a deal. Also, at Texas Tech, I know a lot of people. A lot from Ennis are going out there, so going in, I would know some people. But you will meet people wherever you go.


Arizona State: The town of Tempe was pretty awesome. I don't know if you have ever been there, but when I drove up, I thought it was a resort town or something. It's desert and it is really pretty though. You look off in all directions and if you look off on the horizon you can see mountains and stuff. The temperature was hot when we were there, but it's a lot different than the heat down here. It's some muggy heat here. It's dry heat there and it felt really nice.


StateFans: I see you were selected as Student Sports Player of the week. You are having a great year. Your offensive line must be good too.


Harrell: Thank you. We graduated all five last year and they were some great offensive lineman. This year, the coaches didn't even know who it was going to be. After spring, we just decided we would not be able to run the ball because we moved one of our best running backs to defense. Really our receivers are unbelievable. I have some really great receivers to throw the ball to and that helps a ton obviously. In the spring, they (OL) practiced pass protection everyday almost all day. Then starting this fall, it was pass protection, pass protection, pass protection. It has really surprised me and the coaches on how well they have been doing pass blocking. It has really been fun. Coming in, it didn't look like it was going to be like this, but they really are doing great.


StateFans: Ennis won the State Championship last year, right?


Harrell: Two years ago, my freshman year and sophomore year. Then last year we were in the semis and were up 14-3 with two minutes left in the game. The other team had it and scored and got the onside kick and scored again to beat us.


StateFans: Do you have the sense that your team wants to get back to the championship again this year?


Harrell: Yea, it's like a bad taste in your mouth almost. I mean you can't get it out. We played the team that beat us in the semis this week and we beat them 56-18. Most people should feel pretty good, and it does, but we really want feel good unless we win a State Championship. There's no doubt, that's everyone on the team's focus and that's what we want to do. We feel like we are capable doing that for sure because of the talent we have. But things have to go your way a little bit. So that's what we want.

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