Daily Strut - Tuesday

The Daily Strut for Tuesday finds recruiting, basketball news, ESA info and even a little Mike Tyson, if you can bare it! Check back often, as Struts will be updated when news breaks. Enjoy!

NCSU Athletics

Student athletes make the grade - Jeremy Ashton * Technician: NC State Academic Support Program for Student Athletes Director Philip Moses says it's "one of our strongest semesters;" women's cross-country at top of list.


Basketball signing decisions coming earlier - Thad Mumau * Fayetteville On-Line: Thad Mumau laments the trend toward offering scholarships to younger high school basketball players, focusing on sophomore Jameson Curry.

Wolfpack Basketball News

An Outsider's View: Day 1 - Jerry Karpowicz * ACCToday.com: Guest article from Wisconsin copy editor Jerry Karpowicz. No, I haven't ever heard of him either, and a quick Google search didn't turn up anything. Rather bland bit about Shavlik Randolph and uninspired commentary on our win over Temple. Up next: 150-word article on the Dixie Classic by South Dakota mail clerk Billy Clard.

Wolfpack sees itself in NCAA tourney - Tim Peeler * News-Record.com: Tim Peeler says the Pack's rough upcoming schedule will determine whether we're an NCAA tournament team. Lots of quotes from Jules.

Wolfpack on the verge of NCAA bid - Al Featherston * Herald-Sun.com: Another article with the usual "we don't care about the rankings" quotes. Still, it's an article talking seriously about the Pack's successes at almost the halfway point in the ACC season, so we'll take it.

Pack drawing the line - Steve Thompson * Technician: The Pack's free throw shooting has improved drastically, a fact of which we are happily aware. What we didn't know is that Sendek predicted early in the season that this would be the case.

Inge Hoping Lightning Will Strike in Rockford - Bob Nevruz * Wolfpack Chicago: Splendid content in a fan site article about Kenny Inge's current situation and his thoughts on the Pack. We love us some Kenny Inge.


AP Poll - Associated Press: Two teams drop out, but we don't drop in. At least the AP writers know 6-12 Temple shouldn't be getting votes.

Final Shots

Tyson Goes Before Board Today - TIM DAHLBERG AP * Charlotte Observer:

Shyatt, Robinson face telling stretch - Caulton Tudor * News and Observer:

Management maintains silence on ESA finances - Dan Kane * News and Observer:

Top Duke class troubled - Luciana Chavez * News and Observer:

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