Green has "Explosive" Start at Hinds CC

After failing to qualify for admissions to N.C. State, Defensive End Chad Green headed to Hinds Community College in Mississippi to gain eligibility for his return to Raleigh. <P> We caught up with Hinds Defensive Ends coach, Larry Williams, for an update on his status.

"Oh, Chad's doing great for us," Coach Williams said. "He's coming around as a true freshman, and we expect big things from him. He's come in here and secured a starting spot. Chad plays with so much intensity, and he's really turning it up to another level."

Green, who plays defensive end for Hinds, has been projected by some to end up at linebacker. Where does Coach Williams feel he can play best at?

"Well, I think he can play either, but he's playing defensive end here, and that's where I've seen him the most at. He's a real explosive guy and has the ability to take over a game from that position. If it was up to me, I'd let him come off the edge and just make plays... because that's what he can do."

Hinds is out to a 1-1 start for the 2003 season, with Chad making several big plays on Defense.

"He already has a couple of sacks and has forced two fumbles. Chad's a playmaker."

Playing defensive end, Green came in a little light for the position, and it's one area that Coach Williams feels he needs to improve in.

"He'll get even better as he grows into the position and gets stronger. Right now Chad's getting by on athleticism and speed, but he's going to need to add some size for the next level. That's where we come in and can really help him out."

The Rocky Mount native signed with N.C. State this February but was placed at Hinds after failing to qualify. What are his intentions now, since he's technically eligible to be recruited all over again?

"Chad's set on going back to N.C. State in two years. He talks about the program all the time, and he likes those guys. They placed him here with us, and if he's set on going back there then other schools won't recruit him."

The N.C. State coaching staff has a great relationship with Hinds Community College, dating back to Coach Amato's days at Florida State.

"We have a lot of respect for them and they are doing some great things at North Carolina State. We worked with Coach Amato when he was at Florida State, and his staff has always been upfront with us. It's a great staff, and we think highly of them."

Look for Chad Green to get his academics squared away and return to Raleigh in a couple of years... potentially as an impact-type player!

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