Mangold considers NC State

NC State continues to comb the state of Florida for defensive help. Merritt Island's Mike Mangold recently told that he was considering the Pack. StateFans followed up with an interview to see exactly where the Pack stood for the talented defensive end.

Most NC State fans have just recently learned through an report that Mike Mangold had an interest in the Wolfpack. However, Doc Holiday has been on the Mangold case for awhile now according to Mike. "Actually, Coach Doc Holiday came down last year, during my junior year. Coach Gough (John I. Leonard High School) called him and talked to him about me and sent him a little film."

The film and the recommendation by the Lancer football coach caught the attention of Holiday who followed up with a recruiting trip to Green Acres, Florida.

"He came down and I got to talk to him about things a little bit. He's a real nice guy and a real good coach. Coach Amato and all them have a real good program going up there."

The Insiders report earlier this week seemed to indicate that Miami and Florida had the best shot at Mangold, so we asked him if there was a chance to get him out of the state of Florida to attend college.

"I just figure I shouldn't rule anybody out. I am a good ole Florida boy, but I would like to get out of state to check out some schools."

Mangold had originally committed to Pitt back in the spring, but has reopened the process due to the competing interest by recruiters for his services. Hot News in August explained Mike's softening his commitment to the Panthers.

"I jumped on it, and I know I got a little ahead of myself, but don't get me wrong. I really like Pitt and I will visit them for sure. I have kind of backed off the commitment to them but I guess you could say that I am a soft commitment to Pittsburgh." Since, Florida, NC State, Miami and Virginia Tech have also been mentioned in the DE's top five.

Mike intends to take an official trip to Raleigh sometime after the season is over, but for now, he is busy rehabbing a nagging foot injury he re-broke over the summer. "We have talked a little bit about it (official visit) but we have not set any dates because I am suppose to be coming back to play ball in October sometime. So we figure we will wait till after the season to visit.

Mangold continues to make progress in rehabbing the foot. "It's doing real good. I am doing rehab and everything and it is doing real good. I have been riding the bike and stuff like that. They have a real good rehab facility down here. They got good trainers and everything."

Mike transferred out of the Lancer program last year and will suit up for Merritt Island Christian.

As a junior, he recorded 95 tackles, 25 tackles for a loss, and 10 sacks. According to the scouting report, Mike goes fullspeed on every play. He plays from sideline to sideline and is a terrific pass rusher.

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