ACC denies Notre Dame to be 12th member
  • ACC title game still an option
    "> ACC denies Notre Dame to be 12th member
  • ACC title game still an option

    Davis faces Heels for first time

    When A.J. Davis was in the fifth grade, he had a teacher who was a big N.C. State fan. On almost every test he gave, there would be an extra-credit question...<br><br><small><b>Other featured stories for 9/25:</b></small> <li> <a href="" target=blank><b>ACC denies Notre Dame to be 12th member</b></a><br> <li> <a href="" target=blank><b>ACC title game still an option</b></a><br>

    Davis faces Heels for first time
    Tim Peeler * News & Record
    There might be a question about the score or the number of passing yards State quarterback Terry Harvey had in the previous week's game. Even though he was mostly a North Carolina fan at the time, Davis almost always got the question right, because "I was all into the game," he said. Read More

    ACC denies Notre Dame to be 12th member
    The Associated Press
    Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford said Thursday published reports that the league is poised to add Notre Dame as a 12th member are erroneous. Read More

    ACC title game still an option
    Rob Daniels * News & Record
    Last week's resounding "No" vote by an NCAA committee does not kill the ACC's hopes of conducting a conference championship game with fewer than 12 members as soon as December 2004. Read More

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    Officials: Reports of ACC-Notre Dame agreement premature
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    ACC: Observer report 'erroneous'
    Charlotte Observer

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    Quote of the Day: ACC Commisioner John Swofford on the Charlotte Observer's report that Notre Dame will be added to the ACC - "The report this morning in The Charlotte Observer that the ACC and Notre Dame have reached an agreement for membership is simply put, erroneous."

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