They Said It!

Both teams talked a good game before the NC State-North Carolina tussle, but now StateFans has all the post-game quotes noted in this edition of "They said it!".

Wolfpack Coach Amato

  • "Philip for president. I mean, my goodness gracious. Man, he's something."
  • "It's like yesterday that he (Rivers) came here and we were both new. He weighed 212 pounds and he stumbled getting off the bus.
  • "It's great to beat a rival in our home stadium; hopefully it won't take us 12 years to do it again."
  • "Carolina had the momentum going into the half. We felt we had to come out and score. That score -- and to go down and score again -- put the momentum back on our side."
  • "We have to learn to kill a fly with an axe."
  • "Well we've got to get him (TJ Williams) involved. I threatened the offense (saying) we'll move him to defensive end."
  • "We can't do anything easy, but the object is to win. I tell the team every time we leave the locker room, 'Seniors don't let us lose.' "
  • "There's mistakes. There's missed assignments. There's poor execution. It's good to make these mistakes and win and try to correct them as opposed to making them and losing. To be a good football team, we've got to correct them."
  • "When you block a punt, you have a 90 percent chance of winning."

NC State WR Jerricho Cotchery

  • "This game has to rank right up there for him (Rivers), especially to have a big game against your rival."
  • "I've never been that open since I've been here. They weren't even paying attention to me. I guess I'm not that good a player."
  • "Everyone on the team went in the locker room kind of scared of what Chuck [Amato] was going to say to us. We thought we were going to get chewed out. But surprisingly, he came in and said, 'Guys, we're winning. They threw their best punches and we're still winning the game.'"
  • "That's pretty sweet. Last year I don't think I had but about 35 yards on three catches against them. I guess they felt like they shut me down last year and they weren't really worried about me today."
  • "But now we've beaten them two straight. I read this week about us not winning at home since 1991. I was shocked. Man, I was in elementary school in '91. We had to get this victory."

Wolfpack QB Philip Rivers

  • "The last thing I was thinking about last night, was this is my last shot at them. It's got to be a win."
  • "It was a fun game to play. With five or six minutes left you feel like it's over, but I was walking back and forth worrying about the end."
  • "It's about another individual thing, and I do have personal goals. True, we have two losses but they've come early. I enjoy my name being tossed around on the Heisman lists."
  • "It's really very simple how we look at it. We go into every game thinking we've got to score more than the defense allows. I'm sure they look at it in a similar way."
  • "We were able to get that going early. We ran the same play five times in a row on the first drive. It was just right there - open."

Wolfpack Linebacker Pat Thomas

  • "Our stats may not be looking good. We care, but it's all about wins and losses."

NC State Linebacker Manny Lawson

  • "We were telling the punter, 'Left, right, left, right, left, right! Which way you going?' ""
  • "When you block it, you don't think about recovering it, but when you don't block it and someone else blocks it, that's when the recovering part comes in."
  • "I finally got my first touchdown -- thank you, Pat (Thomas)!"

John Clark's Letter to N&O Editor

  • "Fowler's lame excuse about tailgating doesn't cut it. He just had Time-Warner dollar signs in his eyes."

News & Observer's Caulton Tudor

  • "But if the old rivals moved in a common direction during the game, they departed the arena on geometrically opposite routes -- State up and the Tar Heels down."

Charlotte Observer's Tom Sorenson

  • "North Carolina has the worst defense I have ever seen."
  • "So if you want real perspective, here it is. North Carolina's defense was so bad that it was worse than N.C. State's."

ESPN Heisman Watch

  • "We're saying it now -- save a seat in NYC for Rivers. He had his fourth 400-yard passing game of the year and even added two rushing TDs in a win over UNC to show one more why he is one of the nation's best QBs."

Winston-Salem Journal's Lenox Rawlings

  • "Wolfpack wailers, distraught over the 24-21 lead, booed the Tar Heels and the officials as they trotted off for halftime refreshments. A few seconds later, State folks booed the Carolina marching band."

UNC Coach John Bunting

  • "Everybody battled hard. We're just not smart sometimes."
  • "We can't make a play on defense and it kind of deflates everyone."
  • "I think the stars are aligned all the time. Maybe somebody thinks I'm goofy. I think we're going to win every week."
  • "One of these days we're going to win a game."
  • "We are just not smart some times and we played a pretty doggone good quarterback. I am glad I will never see him again."
  • "There were some people prior to this game saying this was a make-or-break game, like football's going to end at Carolina or something if we don't win this game. Man alive, slow down. There's a lot of football left. We're trying to get better, and we think we can. I'm not talking about next year, I'm talking about next week."

UNC Defensive Tackle Chase Page

  • "It (Cotchery 80 yard TD catch) was like a knife in the heart."
  • "They're confusing. They hit us with some big plays and we didn't do a good job of stopping their momentum."
  • "He (Rivers) just has tremendous awareness. He can see or feel you before you get to him and deliver the ball to the right receivers at the right times.''

UNC linebacker Jeff Longhany

  • "Not at all. I wouldn't say that they were more athletic at all. We matched up -- I thought we matched up great with them. It was just key mistakes."
  • "It eats you up. You know you can stop them, but one person in the wrong gap -- those are the problems we're dealing with, somebody not staying home or overpursuing or missed tackles. If we can cut that out, we've got a killer defense."

UNC QB Darien Durant

  • "I don't think it's hard to stay focused. We know we're just not executing on both sides of the ball. We know we can be a pretty good football team."
  • "We had all the momentum."
  • "You take away that first-play touchdown and who knows what kind of game it is. It gave them energy. We had the momentum, but that one play put the fight back in them and their crowd."

Redshirt Freshman UNC punter David Wooldridge

  • "I was real nervous being in that punt situation."

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