Miller attends NC State/UNC game

Gerard Miller was in attendance of the NC State/UNC game last Saturday. StateFans called to get his thoughts about the game, his season and recruitng.

NC State continues to entertain several of the top NC recruits at Carter-Finley this season. The latest to take in a Wolfpack game included Dudley's DeMario Pressley, Trinity's John McEachin, Burn's Josh Brisoe, and Southeast Raleigh's Brian Simmons. Also in the crowd of prep stars was West Craven's Gerard Miller. StateFans caught up with Gerard to see how the trip to Raleigh went and to get his views on the NC State/UNC game.

"It was a good game. The boys had a good defense. Manny came up and made some good plays… nice punt blocking in the end zone. It was pretty much a good game. Then Carolina came back and made a little run and made the boys play a little harder instead of sitting back and relaxing. So that made the game a little more exciting."

According to Gerard, he did not spend time pulling for one team or another, but took the game in as if he was breaking down some Friday night film. "It's pretty much about looking at different players and different defenses. I watch to see how they respond to different plays. The Stately Lady was asking me ‘Do you clap at the game?'. I wasn't really watching the game like that, I enjoyed the game, but I was looking the game as measuring myself to see how I would be on the field. I wonder how I would respond to certain plays… like certain set-ups the offense was in."

Miller did spend time talking to some of his fellow recruits. "I talked to a lot of recruits there. I talked to some boys from Southeast Raleigh. I talked to Brian Simmons. I talked to DeMario a little bit. I know a lot of boys from camp. You go to a camp you talk to somebody. All the boys were asking me if I thought they could beat New Bern."

The conversations between the recruits were mainly about catching up with friends and to see how each player's seasons were going. "Most of the talk in the stands were about our seasons really. Like trying to go the play-offs and trying to go the Championships. We really didn't have time to talk about State and Carolina."

Gerard did manage to get to the NC State locker room. "I talked to Manny Lawson from Eastern Wayne. I played him my 10th grade year. I talked to TA a little bit. I talked to the linebackers too. I didn't get a chance to go over to the UNC locker room. I went there when I went to one of their games, when they played Florida State. I just stayed in the NC State locker room."

UNC and NC State have both offered according to Gerard. Manny Diaz is recruiting Miller for NC State while UNC's Brad Lawing is talking to Gerard for the Tarheels. "Both of them say I can contribute early. I talked to a couple of players from NC State. They said they had a real young D line. They said if you come here, you can look for early playing time. The same with Carolina too."

Miller has his favorites but is in no hurry to commit. "My favorites right now are NC State, Florida State, Carolina and Tennessee. Florida State has offered me a scholarship. Duke has offered me too. I am not sure when I will announce. Some people have called me about going on countdown to signing day. But if I don't, I may just wait to the national signing day, but really I am not sure."

Gerard intends to set visits up in December to NC State, UNC, and Florida State.

West Craven High School is off to a great start in 2003 with a record of 6-1. The sole loss came at the hand at cross county rival New Bern. "Season is going good. My team is 6-1 right now. We came off a 62-0 win last Friday. We lost one game and that was against New Bern. It was a good game. I cramped up bad that game. I didn't cramp any games before that or any games after that. I don't know why I chose to cramp up in that game of all games. It was 0-0 going in at half time and they scored the first play of the second half. As soon as they got the ball, I cramped up in the back field when I was just about to get a sack. On the same play, the free safety cramped up. It was a good game though."

Rival New Bern's QB is Davon Drew. According to Miller, the two are close. "Drew, that's my boy. Me and Drew, we go out together. I talked to Drew for about a half an hour yesterday. He went to the Tennessee game. He told me how he enjoyed the Tennessee game and he asked me about the NC State game. We collaborated on that for a little while."

Gerard also has been to StateFans checking out the latest pictures of him and some of his fellow recruits. "I saw that picture. My mom was like ‘see, you never know when someone will take your picture of you'. I was looking like I was hot or something. Boy it was hot out there."

Miller's season stat sheet mirrors his team's outstanding season to date. "I have seven sacks, 20+ tackles. I am playing tight end too. I have one touchdown, and 7 catches for about 90 yards."

"I was looking like I was hot or something."

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