ACC's great divide
  • ACC Basketball season will not grow"> ACC's great divide
  • ACC Basketball season will not grow">

    Tech's motivation

    Georgia Tech tailback P.J. Daniels, his voice firm, says the Yellow Jackets intend to play in a bowl game again this season... <br><br><small><b>Other featured stories for 10/2:</b></small> <li> <a href="" target=blank><b>ACC's great divide</b></a> <li> <a href="" target=blank><b>ACC Basketball season will not grow</b></a>

    Tech's motivation
    Chip Alexander * News & Observer
    This is a team that had 10 players ruled academically ineligible for the season, including tailback Tony Hollings... Read More

    ACC's great divide
    Caulton Tudor * News & Observer
    After months of planning and tinkering, the ACC on Wednesday ventured into the world of 11-team football by announcing a two-year scheduling format that will change the league's historic chemistry... Read More

    ACC Basketball season will not grow
    Lorenzo Perez * News & Observer
    An expanded conference won't produce an expanded regular-season schedule for the ACC's men's basketball teams, conference officials announced Wednesday... Read More

    One Streak Down, a Couple More Stand in the Way

    Rivers reminds Gailey of Marino
    Chip Alexander * News & Observer

    Tech's motivation
    Chip Alexander * News & Observer

    Fans tune in to pay-per-view
    Sammy Batten * The Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer

    Heisman water much too calm for this Rivers
    Brett Friedlander * The Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer

    Amato wants a leader of the Pack
    John Delong * Winston-Salem Journal

    N.C. State's Amato goes on the defensive
    Andrew Miller * The Charleston Post and Courier

    Dorsey struggling to find consistency in junior season
    Keith Parsons * The Associated Press

    Georgia Tech Notebook
    Macon Telegraph

    Gary Hahn's Scouting Report: Georgia Tech

    Pack fighting back
    A.J. Carr * News & Observer

    Latin's Morrow could choose school this week
    Langston Wertz Jr. * Charlotte Observer

    Morrow Process In Final Stages
    Dave Telep * The Insiders

    Hall: "I'm Keeping it Quiet"

    AP Poll

    USA Today/ESPN

    ACC News...
    Seminoles, Hokies get best deals in ACC football
    Hank Kurtz Jr. * The Associated Press

    ACC's Baseball tournament gets tougher
    Lorenzo Perez * News & Observer

    What fans say about new schedule
    Joseph Smith * News & Observer

    Questions and answers on the ACC schedule
    Neil Amato * The Herald-Sun

    You can't always get what you want
    Frank Dascenzo * The Herald-Sun

    Who's happy? Who's unhappy?
    Rob Daniels * News & Record

    UNC's Defense Is Worst in Div. I-A
    Barry Svrluga * Washington Post

    Other News...
    Rush quits ESPN
    The Associated Press

    Sonics waive Forte
    The Associated Press

    Braves Defeat the Cubs 5-3 in Game 2
    Paul Newberry * The Associated Press

    Judge rules Redskins nickname is OK
    The Associated Press

    Quote of the Day:Coach Amato on playing Miami, VT, OSU, and FSU in 2004 - "Good. Then maybe we'll play someone [powerful] in the bowl, too. Add that to it, and maybe we'll have five of them. Hey, that's why we got 'em in the conference. Sooner or later, our turn would come to play all three. So, it's here, and we'll play 'em. That's fine."

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