Part II -- Blackman: "I'm Solid With N.C. State"

In Part II of our coverage on Hargrave Military Academy Running Back Darrell Blackman, we discuss his future with N.C. State, former teammate Ray Brooks, and his current Hargrave "buddies" among other issues!

Blackman arrived at Hargrave as one of the nation's top running backs, a consensus top-10 back who spurned offers from Oklahoma, Iowa, Virginia Tech, and Pittsburgh among others to sign with the Wolfpack. At Hargrave, he's technically a "recruitable" athlete again, but Darrell's still in N.C. State's corner.

"I'm solid with N.C. State, and Coach [Prunty] is doing a good job of keeping other schools away," Darrell Blackman told us. "They send letters and stuff, but I'm definitely going to N.C. State. It's looking like I might be able to be there by January, at least that's my plan right now."

Blackman's had a chance to follow some of the Wolfpack's season, and he's come away with mixed reviews on his future team.

"They are doing pretty good... they are just a little off balance right now and may have been reading a little bit of the news from last year. They are going to bounce back and take care of business though because they have guys down there who can ball."

N.C. State's suffered key losses early this season and some say the injuries of T.A. McLendon and his inability to play has been a major factor in those losses. Does Darrell think N.C. State could use him now in Raleigh with all the problems T.A.'s had of staying healthy?

"Yea I think they can… even when he's there and not hurt. He's been hurt some and I know that when he's out I would be getting those carries. Even if it's just us splitting time with him back it would help because with us splitting time teams wouldn't even know what to do."

How often has he been able to stay in touch with the Wolfpack coaches?

"I've talked to them a couple of times recently about how I'm doing and my progress here at Hargrave. They are just looking to get me to N.C. State and get me right into the system and on the field as soon as possible."

Darrell committed to N.C. State last December, on the first major recruiting weekend of the year for the Wolfpack. He was joined in announcing his intentions by high school teammate Raymond Brooks, who also inked with the Wolfpack. Shortly after arriving in Raleigh, Brooks returned home to Williamsport, P.A., but Blackman believes his buddy could be making a return to Raleigh soon.

"I've talked to Ray a few times, and I'm trying to get him to come back. He was just homesick and had never been away from his friends and family for that long so that was tough on him. I think that by the time I get out of here he'll be ready to come back with me to N.C. State."

Blackman's joined at Hargrave by some of the top prep prospects in the country, including four linemen who are headed to the University of North Carolina. Darrell didn't rub in the Wolfpack's victory over the Tarheels too much, but he hinted that some "recruiting," both ways actually, has been going on.

"The Carolina guys were a little down after the [UNC-NC State] game, but Carolina tried to come back and showed some heart. I told those guys that, but in the end State held it down. One of the guys came back from the [UNC] game yesterday and was saying 'they want you… they need you,' but I said, "No, I'm staying with the Wolfpack."

"The one, T. Hunter, #31, he was kind of shaky talking about how he might not go to Carolina, so I told him he could always come down the road to N.C. State, but we'll see what happens."

Darrell did have one final message to give to the Wolfpack faithful.

"Oh, this was just a little taste of what I've got for the future… but there's a lot more to come. When I get there I'll be ready to go."

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