Bolden's Season Put on Hold

<B>Demonte Bolden,</b> the nation's #3 Defensive Tackle prospect, has had his season temporarily suspended due to a severe staph infection in his left arm.

However, the prognosis is very good after surgery and tome spent in the hospital. StateFans caught up with Demonte as he prepares for his first game in weeks.

Adversity is part of the game of football. Play the game long enough and you will face your share of it. Demonte Bolden has been hit hard in his senior year and has missed most of the season with a bad staph infection. We asked Bolden how he was doing on getting back on the playing field.

"Right now it's not looking to good for me. I have been out for the last three or four games. I had a real bad staph infection that put me in the hospital. I was in the hospital at first for three days. Then I kept going back and forth. The infection got bad."

The worse seems to be behind Demonte, and he hopes to be playing football again this week.

"I have stitches in it (arm) right now. I will have them taken out Wednesday and they said I probably can come back and play this Friday."

While the time in and out of the hospital has taken him away from his standard work-outs, it appears he has lost little in as far as his abilities.

"Only in the arm I had surgery on. I have lost a lot of body fat, but it probably will only make me faster. They took out some muscle tissue in the left arm so it is weak. I will have to work on that."

The adversity has set back Bolden as far as his goals, but he has set some standards he wants to make.

"Its like it has jinxed me real bad. I kind of hate it. I have goals that I want to do and I can't do it. These last five games and in the play-offs I am going to try to do the things I can to improve the outcome."

Tyner High school has continued their winning ways without their star defensive lineman.

"We are doing pretty good. We have only lost one. I think we will be able to go to the State this year."

Bolden's list has remained the same over the past couple of months, with the only additions being a local ACC program and a high-profile Big Ten School.

"Tennessee, Georgia, NC State, Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina and Penn State are the teams I am looking at right now. I am still a soft commit to Tennessee. I have been in the hospital so I have not been able to line up any official visits. They said they we will discuss it when I come up for a game."

The infection has stopped him from making any unofficial visits as well.

"I was supposed to go to the South Carolina-Georgia game, but I was in the hospital. So I will get to the Georgia–Tennessee game."

In the coming weeks we hope to have more from Demonte Bolden, focusing around his commitment to Tennessee, his scheduled official visits, and a final timeframe, among other issues.

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