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  • College Basketball 3-Point Line to Move">

    Connecticut at N.C. State

    The Technician is back on-line with a NC State/UConn preview!<br><br><small><b>Other featured stories for 10/8:</b></small> <li> <a href="http://technicianonline.com/10082003/Sports/S4_matt.php" target=blank><b>Halfway home </b></a> <li> <a href="http://www.heraldsun.com/sports/18-399873.html" target=blank><b>College Basketball 3-Point Line to Move</b></a>

    Connecticut at N.C. State
    Series record: This is the first ever meeting between the two teams.
    Last time out: N.C. State lost for the eighth consecutive time at Georgia Tech, falling 29-21. Connecticut downed Division 1-AA Lehigh 35-17 at home last Saturday... Read More

    Halfway home
    Matt Middleton * Technician
    Approximately halfway through the 2003 football season, N.C. State finds itself looking down at just two teams - North Carolina and Duke - in the ACC standings... Read More

    College Basketball 3-Point Line to Move
    The Associated Press
    The 3-point line in college basketball is about to be moved 9 inches farther from the basket beginning in the 2004-05 season... Read More

    10/07/03: Coaches Corner Recap with Chris Demarest

    Pack sticks with 'press'
    Chip Alexander * News & Observer

    Connecticut's Perkins perseveres after injury
    Sean O'Rourke * New Haven Register

    Clark making his mark
    Matt Middleton * Technician

    Sizing up the Huskies
    Andrew Tanker * Technician

    N.C. State quarterback Philip Rivers falls from first to fifth in poll

    Wolfpack Stays Optimistic
    The Associated Press

    Wolfpack Weekend

    Faculty Senate concerned with student-athlete grades
    Sam Stern * Technician

    Technician bac on-line
    Check it out!

    Recruiting edge also on the line
    Tom D'Angelo * Palm Beach Post

    NC WR down to three
    Miller Safrit * The Insiders

    Brown Having a Huge Year

    Heath travels to NC State this weekend

    AP Poll

    USA Today/ESPN

    ACC News...
    Tar Heels more concerned with win than where
    Al Featherston * The Herald-Sun

    Deacons tired of coming up short
    Jeff Sikes * High Point Enterprise

    ACC notebook
    The Associated Press

    Other News...
    Pressure's on Thompson, Pirates
    Bethany Bradsher * The Herald-Sun

    Quote of the Day: Chuck Amato on being 116 out of 117 in pass defense - "If all [teams] were completing was slants ... hey, they can complete 50 slants in a game for 5 yards a gain and that's 250 yards. I'd love it. We wouldn't be 116th."

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