Boston College Just the Beginning

The ACC will grow even more, making geographical conference logos all but obsolete.

Make no mistake, Boston College is a perfect fit for the ACC. Some naysayers may say "Nay, Boston College is too far north," but proponents say "Nay, naysayers, Boston College is north, but most definetly on the Atlantic Coast." And what's more important than being on the Atlantic coast? Being good at football and in a major media market.

Fifty years ago the Atlantic Coast Conference forefathers foresaw a football era driven by exclusivity and television broadcast rights, and shrewdly decided to not name their new conference anything that might restrict its membership by geography or number. So, it was not to be called the South Atlantic Coast Conference, despite the appealing pronounceable abbreviation, "SACC," nor would it be named the Big 7 (no Georgia Tech then, but it did have one cocky school too many from South Carolina). And lets face it, "7" is more large than big, really.

With this forward-thinking philosphy firmly entrenched at the roots of the conference, the ACC slowly spread its tendrils across the Atlantic coast. First it annexed Georgia Tech in 1971, whom, after two Saturdays ago, NC State fans largely believe to be gravely undeserving of a spot in their conference. Then it moved to north Florida, adding Florida State in 1991, and the ACC had claimed a pleasantly adjoining map logo's worth of South Atlantic states.

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Why is the annual matchup between NC State and Clemson called the Textile Bowl?
Politically correct liberals frowned on it being called the Tobacco Bowl
Because Tigers make great pelts
On a friendly bet, the losing team has to work for two years in an Asian sweat shop
Because Clemson is the fabric of our victories
So Clemson can claim it went to a "bowl" game every year
So with the additions of the University of Miami (a borderline Gulf Coast acquisition) and Virginia Tech, the states of Florida, Virginia and North Carolina were all but locked up (a Spurrier-less Florida University isn't really worth anything). But Boston College is the lynchpin of the ACC's greater strategy. In one Eagle's swoop, the ACC has fulfilled its destiny as a power conference of Eastern time zone media-friendly football power.

It was easy to argue for Virginia Tech and Miami, since they were part of the aforementioned adjacent states, but Boston College might have struck some longtime ACC fans as a bit of a leap. But what adding BC did was allow the ACC to leapfrog four states worth of the eastern seaboard and stake its claim on the rest of the atlantic coast. Now the good people of Boston may not be known so much for a fanatical fervor for college sports, but they are known for watching lots of TV.

Granted, the current clean ACC logo that highlights Maryland to Florida is now all shot to hell, but maybe someone can put a little circle with Massachussets inside and a line pointing to the contiguous ACC. Like when the United States added Hawaii.

Some of the other Big Least schools have charged Commissioner John Swofford with raping and pillaging the conference of its only good football teams. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said, and this isn't a joke, "Today the co-conspirators carried out their predatory scheme." Look, Richard, we are the hunters, and colleges that are better at football than us are the prey. Deal.

It's not the ACC's fault the Big East couldn't live up to its name and continue to expand until it had redefined the "East" to mean everything up to Colorado. Because, oh yeah, it's not gonna stop with Boston College. While the Big East tries to steal some Conference USA teams, the ACC has even greater plans. The elitist arrangement of the Bowl Championship Series has angered many mid-major conferences (including the Big East, of course), and Swofford hopes to play this sentiment into more dollars for the ACC. Don't be surprised if by 2007, the entire 14-team Mid-American Conference has been "annexed" by the ACC. Well maybe not all 14 teams. The MAC has had plenty of big upsets this year, but no merger is complete without layoffs. So to make room for ECU (so UNC and Duke will at least be guaranteed one victory each year), Western, Eastern, and Central Michigan will have to go. It won't, of course, have anything to do with them, it's just a tough time in the industry, you kno! w. The new Mid-Atlantic-American Coast Conference will then have at least 24 teams, forming two divisions of 12 with two subdivisions of six. Swofford may seem excited about the thought of a championship football game, but what about two championship games! Add that much money to the MAACC coffers and conference schools would never have to raise tuition again!

It's a new era in college sports, and the ACC's early plan of becoming the only conference to earn a substantial amount of cash from basketball has paid dividends. That's why it was able to convince two national championship contending football programs to actually pay $2 million to join. That's why it could tease Boston College, Virginia Tech, and Syracuse all it wanted. It knew they would still come running once it fluttered its basketball revenue - those teams didn't get those basketball dollars in the Big East. But they did earn football dollars, and so the ACC pounced.

Eventually, we all go to the ACC.

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