A Wolfpacker's Perspective

"GOOD MOOD, GOOD LUCK!" That's my new motto.

"GOOD MOOD, GOOD LUCK!" That's my new motto. I know it sounds gay, but that's the point. I want to be gay. I want to be lively and happy and quite frankly, lately I've noticed that I'm far too negative. Actually, my girlfriend noticed it but since she's not writing this I'm going to take the credit. The way I figure it, if I improve my outlook the world will evolve with me (and quite frankly, being negative just gets kind of old).

Take the game last Saturday, even though we won, I didn't think we won by a wide enough margin (and neither did my bookie). While major league baseball is on the verge of having one of the most exciting World Series in the history of baseball (the Cubs vs. the Red Sox), I'm convinced that we're going to be straddled with one of the lamest ever with the Yankees and Marlins vying for the title (a genuine "Seinfeld" series). I was disgusted that grocery store cashiers are striking even though they make $18/hr and have full health care benefits, but then I talked to a nurse friend of mine and she makes $22/hr. My first thought was that it was ridiculous that a health care professional was only making $4/hr than a grocery store cashier, but then I realized…nope, that one is still insane. A person who is able to perform a tracheotomy should make significantly more than a person whose greatest work crisis is "paper or plastic." BUT I'm no longer bitter that the cashiers have a far better work situation than I do. Good for them! May all double coupons have to go through them. Good mood, good luck!

When N.C. State takes the field tomorrow night against Clemson I am going to look solely for the positives in hopes that a bunch of little ones will translate into a bigger one (a Wolfpack win). Whether we win by one or a hundred, I don't care. And if we lose? Aha! I can't even think of it because that would violate my "good mood" policy. See, my day is already improving.

Let's apply the policy to the Cubs game last night. First, everyone's angry at the little guy with headphones that interfered with Moises Alou catching that foul ball. True, what he did was akin to a Pack fan screaming and waving his arms as Julius Hodge went to shoot a free throw, but keep in mind that there were three other fans going for that same foul ball. They just didn't make contact with it like this other guy did. To keep Alou from catching it. To keep the Marlins at the plate. But the real killer for Cubs fans in the eighth was the error that prevented the double play ball which would have ended the inning. That was the killer…or was it?

The Cubs debacle last night isn't really a debacle if you see the bright side of life. That loss gives us a chance for a wondrous game seven that will be talked about for ages. And there's also more revenue generated from having an extra game which in turn allows more people to make more money, thereby improving our economy. See how that works? Everything's just peachy. My German Shepard tore apart my tennis shoes last night when I came in late from watching the game. Had he have seen the game I would have understood, but he's a Braves fan so his season is already over. But instead of getting angry with the boy, I realized that those shoes were really ugly and I needed a new pair, anyway. And when you think about it, he was only trying to tell me that he loves me (in a very undisciplined and unacceptable manner), so it's actually kind of sweet. AND I think my dog may have some fashion sense; maybe he's gay, too.

Well, I'm off to watch the Yankees and Red Sox then the Cubs and Marlins game. I can't wait to see what happens. And I'm even more anxious for our game tomorrow night on ESPN. Everything is just coming up roses, after all, "good mood, good luck!"

I would predict a score for the Clemson game, but that might appear a bit presumptuous. Stay safe and stay tuned…

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