10/14/03: Coaches Corner Recap with Doc Holliday

This week's "Coaches Corner" at Playmaker's Sports Cafe featured Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers Coach Doc Holliday.

Here are some of the key notes that Coach Holliday discussed with the Wolfpack fans in attendance at Playmakers today.

- The luncheon began with Coach Holliday mentioning the impressive third-down conversion rate of the Wolfpack and how it speaks volumes to the efficiency of their offense. NC State connected on 11-17 3rd downs versus Clemson and are hitting at a 49% clip on the season.

- Freshman Running Back Reggie Davis will get reps this week against Duke. He's a big, athletic kid who has slimmed down to about 215 or 220 after arriving in Raleigh around 235 pounds. The staff looks forward to seeing how he handles game situations and the offense will remain the same... not adjusted to fit his strengths.

- In discussing the passing offense, Holliday pointed out that teams have either blitzed often or dropped eight in coverage, really mixing up their defenses well. NC State will continue to use scat routes and work the middle on offense.

- The offensive line has several options this weekend for Duke. Ashley Wingate's injury is unfortunate but his health is very important. Morris played well on Thursday and should get even more reps on Saturday. Sean Locklear was selected the offensive player of the game versus Clemson and he's done a good job all season. Coach Barry's worked well with the offensive line and they are really coming together.

- Sterling Hicks is adjusting nicely to the ACL injury he suffered against Ohio State. He's a super kid and remains focused on his goals. He still has a bright future at NC State.

- Chris Colmer is petitioning for an extra year of eligibility but when dealing with the NCAA you never know how that will go. He's the best lineman NC State had and they miss him a lot according to Coach Holliday.

- NC State's a young team, with only two seniors receiving playing time on Defense and four or five getting major reps on offense. Youth's not an excuse, but teams with seniors generally do much better then those who are young.

- Coach Holliday mentioned the parity in college football. He pointed out that Oklahoma's looking very strong and Miami may have the best talent, but outside of those two there is a lot of parity in college.

- The Murphy Center's great and will be a huge help in recruiting. This upcoming year is the first full year that they can use it in recruiting, and the staff expects the center to pay huge dividends. It's an impressive place and a huge selling point for the program.

- Holliday was unsure of the actual number of open scholarships NC State may have, expecting next season to be the first where the Wolfpack reaches the 85-man limit.

- Adding Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College can only help with recruiting, and Coach Holliday was excited about it. Expansion makes the ACC the premier college football conference and players will want to play against the best... that's all you can ask.

- Philip Rivers is such a special player because of his intangibles. Coach Holliday coached Jeff Hostetler (2 Super Bowls) and Major Harris (Heisman Runner-up) at West Virginia... Philip's right up there with the both of them as a quarterback. He's so smart and will be missed next season because intangibles are the key ingredients for a college quarterback.

- The Duke game will come down to making plays. They will be ready to play, Interim Head Coach Ted Roof is a great coach, and NC State expects a tough game this weekend.

- When questioned about why NC State called a "punt block" on 4th and 25 versus Clemson, Coach Holliday said the Wolfpack will NOT play "scared." Special teams is an integral part of a football game, referencing the Lawson block against Clemson last year as evidence. NC State just missed the block on Thursday night and that play would have been huge too. A game can turn on special teams, and look for NC State to go all out when the opportunity presents itself.

Those were some of the key notes from Coach Doc Holliday's luncheon at Playmakers. Next week, Running Backs Coach Dick Portee will be the featured guest at the "Coaches Corner."

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