Ted Roof: NC State Pre Game Press Conference

Notable quotes from Ted Roof on the coaching changes and the upcoming game.

Opening Comments:

It's been a tumultuous week for everyone here. We're just glad there's a football game to play Saturday. Now we're focusing all our efforts on preparing for North Carolina State on Saturday. They are a fantastic team that has great speed, are well coached, and can attack you from all angles.

On the team mood:

They are pretty upbeat and positive. I am very pleased with our players and staff. They've been able to work through it and focus on the things we need to focus on. Yes there is some uncertainty [with the coaching staff], but we've all hung together and they've done everything I've asked of them. In fact they've gone above and beyond. For that I am very proud.

On Coaching his first game:

We need to bring the team together and play as one unit with one heartbeat to be successful at Duke. I'm excited about the opportunity, but at the same time I feel responsible in some way for what happened with Carl, but we've got to focus on NC State. It's suicide not to.

On his job situation:

I was told that this was indeed an audition by Joe Alleva. He's always been upfront and honest with me.

On the recruiting challenges:

All three of our commitments are still solid. We're going to put the peddle to the floor and ride this thing until it runs out of gas or blows up as far as recruiting goes. These kids are coming to Duke University, and the place is wonderful no matter who the football coach is.

On moving the coaches around this weekend:

We're still debating the best way to do that. It'll probably be pretty close to what we've done before. I'll be there to oversee corrections and adjustments and calling the defensive plays. Coach Prior is the offensive coordinator, and he's been calling the plays all year long and will be calling them Saturday.

On Senterrio Landrum's play:

He's a kid who goes out there and gives you all he's got no matter where he's playing. We're very happy with his performance this year.

On RS Freshman QB Mike Schneider:

He's making progress. It's really tough to be a red shirt freshman quarterback in this league with some of the defenses we face. He's got a bright future ahead of him. He works and studies as hard as anyone, but like I said, it's tough being a red shirt freshman in this league…especially a quarterback.

On his knowledge of the offensive scheme:

I coached against it for 15 practices in the spring and I've watched a ton of tape on it. I have a good feeling about what is going on out there. Jim is the offensive coordinator and will be calling the plays, but I'll have input. Any good coach studies both sides of the ball. If you're a defensive coach you study the offense to know how to defend it, and the same is true if you are an offensive coach trying to beat a defense.

On bringing the team together:

When something like this happens there is a tendency to have a split among the group if you have the wrong kind of people. I haven't seen or sensed that here. We're all working together to play as one unit with one heartbeat.

We have to do that because at Duke we have to play like that since there is such a small margin for error. I know ever coach says that, but it's probably more true here at Duke than anywhere else in the country.

On Phillip Rivers:

It seems like he's been here for 15 years or so. I remember him as a true freshman back when I was with another team in the conference. He has great ability, and is a wonderful leader who those guys really rally around. On top of that he's a really gritty competitor. I'm glad this is the last time I have to see him as an opposing coach.

I think when you look at the all time great quarterbacks in ACC history, he'll have his name right up there with the best ever.

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