Scouting Report: Andre Brown

StateFans was on hand for Greenville (NC) Rose HS and Andre Brown's conference match-up against Havelock (NC) High School this past Friday. <P> Here's a breakdown on how the <B>nation's #13 Running Back</b> fared against the Rams.

Game: Greenville Rose Rampants vs. Havelock Rams

Location: J.H. Rose High School

Final Score: Rose 48 Havelock 6

Andre Brown Evaluation: What first sticks out about Brown is his frame. He's tall and muscular, and at 6'2 215 pounds, some say he may out-grow the running back position at the next level. With that being said, he has some of the natural instincts you look for in a tailback.

The biggest strength is his game appears to be... his strength. He breaks tackles with ease and on 16 carries, he went down once on the first hit. A weight-lifting champion in this region, he's probably the strongest skill player in the state, and it translate well onto the football field.

Another area of his game that impressed me was his agility and quickness. At his size, the ability to bounce runs to the perimeter are uncanny. On his lone touchdown score, Brown uses his agility to take a run between the tackle and hit the corner, outracing a DB and on-coming safety to the endzone. He's shifty and runs with great balance... while most importantly staying behind his pads at all times.

His speed is deceptive because of his fluid running motion. On the few runs where Andre attempted to hit the edge, he did so effortlessly, having no problem to beat smaller defensive backs to the corner. I think he has above-average speed and is VERY explosive through the holes, hitting them at full-speed with his head up (using his vision) and still staying behind his pads.

Why do I think he can succeed at the running back position in college? His patience and ability to follow his blockers. All night long he continued to run behind his blockers to find holes. Brown would sacrifice speed to use his vision and wait on a key-block, before exploding through the hole his teammate creates. I didn't expect his running back instincts to be this developed because of the consistent talk about moving him elsewhere in college.

Final Stats: I had Andre with 16 carries for around 155 yards and 1 Touchdown. Late in the second quarter with the game out of hand, Andre took a half back dive up the middle and was hit low by a Havelock defender. He stayed on the ground for a few minutes with what looked like a serious knee injury. Team officials checked his knee, iced it during half-time, and actually put Brown back in the game with the score 40-6. He rushed for another 50 yards in the third before calling it a night.

Final Analysis: Without a doubt, Andre can play running back in college and, I think he should stay there. He's a big, power back with great vision and speed. He has all the tools you look for in a running back prospect. Could he play wide receiver, linebacker, or even safety? Sure, because he's that good of an athlete. However, he's a "home-run hitter" who can score on any given time he touches the ball and to best use his talents, he should stay in the offensive backfield.

Film Session: Andre Brown

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