Q & A: Cedric Simmons

Cedric Simmons, NC State first commitment from the class of 2004, made a trip to Raleigh to take in the Red-White basketball game. StateFans caught up with the Shallotte (NC) Senior to see how the trip went.

StateFans: Was your trip to NC State an official or unofficial visit?


Simmons: It was unofficial.


StateFans: When did you get there?


Simmons: We got there Friday and went to their practice. I just checked out the new recruits, Michael O'Donnell, Engin Atsur and Tony Bethel.


StateFans: What did you think of the new recruits?


Simmons: I think they are real good passers.


StateFans:  Is that what you were looking for as a big man?


Simmons: Yea. That and their outside shot.


StateFans:  Who did you hang out with while you were there?


Simmons: I hung out with everybody.


StateFans: Did you meet Andrew Brackman on your visit?


Simmons: Yes. Coach Phelps told me he was 6'8". He looked more like 6'10" to me though.


StateFans: He committed to NC State on Sunday. Did you know that?


Simmons: Oh he did? Good.


StateFans: Did you talk to him any?


Simmons: I talked to him. I told him to come join us. I tried to put in a good word.


StateFans: Did you go to the football game?


Simmons: Yes. It was a good game... real good game.


StateFans: What did you think of the Red-White game?


Simmons: The kid from Turkey [Atsur] was struggling in practice. As soon as he got in the game, everything just went away. He's a player.


StateFans: When are you set-up to take your official visit?


Simmons: It will be a home game, ACC game. UNC or Duke or somebody like that.


StateFans: Have you started practice already with your team?


Simmons: We have just had try-outs. Most of our team is playing football.


StateFans: Last year, your guards were really young. Do you think they have improved this year?


Simmons: Yes, they have matured. We really won't have any new players. So I hope somebody can step up.


StateFans: You committed to NC State in 2002 after your sophomore year. Do you feel like you have missed anything as far as recruiting?


Simmons: I don't feel like I have missed anything. I figure I would just be wasting time. I'm thinking no offer would be better than what Herb Sendek gave me.


StateFans: When you committed to State, not too many people knew too much about you. But over the summer, you seemed to improve every time you stepped on the floor. You have worked to be one of the top players in the nation now. Do you think your summer experience like AAU ball help you to get that much better?


Simmons: Yes. The network thing I was going to over the summertime helped too.


StateFans: What Network thing was that?


Simmons: It's like a fundamentals camp in Raleigh. That is where Shavlik Randolph hangs out. It helped me with footwork and drills.


StateFans: Did you get to know Shav?


Simmons: Yes.


StateFans: Do you think you will be able to hang with Shav in the ACC?


Simmons: Yes. He schooled me a couple of times there.


StateFans: Did you school him any?


Simmons: (Laughing) Yea, I schooled him too.


StateFans: Any thoughts on how the Wolfpack will do this year?


Simmons: They will be surprising. They are a totally different team this year.


StateFans: Thanks Cedric.

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