Schaeffer: "They Seem Like a Team on the Rise"

NC State is looking to 6-A Florida High School powerhouse Deerfield Beach for their next quarterback. Brent Schaeffer is an outstanding Florida athlete that has been compared to Michael Vick. StateFans caught up with the Deerfield QB to get the latest on his season as well as his recruiting thoughts.

Brent Schaeffer is one of the top quarterbacks coming out of the state of Florida this year. He is listed by the Insiders as the fourth best QB in talent rich Florida and has a national rank of 23.

Schaeffer's team, Deerfield Beach High School, has also already qualified for the tough 6-A play-offs. They are currently ranked 7th in the state of Florida.

"Yea. We clinched a play-off spot. This Friday is our last regular season game. The play-offs start next weekend."

Brent is having an outstanding senior year at Deerfield Beach.

"I got 2141 passing yards and 22 passing TDs. I have 12 rushing TDs. We are 8-1."

On the recruiting front, it is still early for the Florida signal-caller. He has his favorites, but the list is still long.

"I would have to say, Tennessee, Kansas State, NC State, South Florida, Ole Miss, Michigan State, and Purdue. I don't know much about Auburn anymore. I kind of dropped them a little bit."

NC State has their top recruiting assistant, Doc Holiday, making the case for the Pack. "Doc Holiday is recruiting me. I really like them [NC State]. I like their style of offense. They throw the ball a lot and everything. They seem like a team on the rise."

Schaeffer has friendly ties to the current NC State program. "I know three players. I know Tremain Hall. He is from my school that I go to now. He is from here. I use to watch him when I was in middle school. I saw Tremain when he came home once, but I hardly see any of them."

Besides Hall, Brent is also friends with Greg Golden and Sterling Hicks. "I know Greg Golden. I went to school with him when I was in my 9th grade year at St. Thomas. I know Sterling Hicks. I grew up with him."

Brent has not made plans to visit Raleigh yet because of his ongoing season. "I have not set up an official visit to State yet. I have set up one to Kansas State December 19th. I know I am going to Tennessee, but their big recruiting day is on the same day as our state championship. It will either be then or January."

Schaeffer is the cousin of former University of Iowa Quarterback and Heisman Runner-Up Brad Banks. He has also been compared to Atlanta Falcon's Michael Vick. "They're left handed and wear the same number," said Deerfield Beach coach Joe Redman in a previous interview, referring to Schaeffer and Vick. "Brent weighs right at 200 pounds and runs a 4.3 to a 4.4. He's elusive and can beat you with him feet, arm and mind. We throw the football a lot and that's his game. He likes that very much. When we run and utilize him, he likes that. He can benefit the team either way. He has a good touch all the way. He can throw the long ball, the intermediate and short pass well. He has a great presence on the field."

Schaeffer has no plans to announce anytime soon and intends to take all five of his visits. In the same CN interview, Coach Redman said "He has 37 schools that have offered him scholarships and as far as consideration of any schools, we agreed not to do anything until right after the last football game. He'll sit down with his parents and invited me to sit down with him to discuss the pros and cons of each school, and I'll tell him what I know about them. He'll probably take five visits."

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