Smith's NC State Visit Put on Hold

Ohio defensive lineman Nick Smith was scheduled to make a trip to Raleigh for an official visit this past weekend, but things didn't go as planned. StateFans caught up with Nick to get the details.

In our last interview with Ohio DL Nick Smith, StateFans reported that Nick had scheduled an official visit to NC State for the weekend of November 1st. We called Smith to get an update on his trip and learned that the visit was cancelled.

"No I never got there actually. I canceled my visit. It was kind of a neutral cancellation."

According to Nick, the planned visit was a bit premature. "My tape got lost in the mail and never got there in time. I still have the offer on the table, but the tape was not there and my grades are not good enough for an early official visit. I'm real close on the grades though. But really it was mainly because the tape didn't get there."

While the trip to Raleigh was suspended, the trip to Columbia is still on the calendar for November. "The trip to South Carolina is on the 22nd. That's still on."

The confusion that existed last week was addressed this week by Wolfpack offensive line coach Michael Barry. "Coach Barry came to my school yesterday. We talked everything over and he really, really likes me and they offered me at defensive end. I just have to get my ACT score up a couple of points. I can take it un-timed, so that will help out a lot."

Smith still has plans to visit the Pack later this year or early in 2004. "I am probably going to take it later in December. But it could be in January or February."

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