Brooks: "I Just Can't Wait to Get Back"

Williamsport (PA) Defensive End Raymond Brooks never did enroll at N.C. State, leaving his status with the Wolfpack program in limbo. <P> What's the future hold for this terrific prep jumbo athlete?

"I told the coaches that they don't have to worry, and I'll be back," Raymond Brooks told StateFans. "I talked to them about a week ago and told them that so things are going good. They still write me and stuff so that let's me know how much they want me."

Brooks, who left N.C. State after being in Raleigh for a matter of days, had been unable to concentrate on staying in shape and working out.

"Actually I wasn't [working out] but I have started back because my old high school's season is over. Now I can get back in the weightroom and get ready. I want to be ready to play so that when I get back to NC State I can get on the field."

Raymond's been following the Wolfpack this season and like many, he feels that this weekend's game against FSU is critical for NC State.

"I think they're doing good and still have a good chance to win the ACC. This next game against Florida State's going to be a big one."

Early last December, Brooks and his teammate, Hargrave standout Darrell Blackman, both committed to the Wolfpack following an official visit to Raleigh. Neither has matriculated to NC State, but it's only a matter of time before the two high school teammates are back on the field together again.

"I usually talked to Darrell about twice a week. He's been doing good and can't wait to get down there too. He said he would be down at State in January or March. We're both just ready to play on that level."

During his short stint, Raymond was able to workout with other freshmen at NC State. Some of his future teammates left favorable impressions on Brooks.

"Jimmy Sutton… he was really, really fast. Stephen Tulloch… he's amazing because on every play he can get to the ball. Another guy was ‘Stoney,' he just wants the quarterback spot, and I think he can win that job next year."

Once back on campus, Brooks should have five years to complete four seasons of eligibility, considering he never actually enrolled in classes at NC State.

"Since I didn't start any classes I think they are going to let me still be a freshman. I'm suppose to be back down at NC State on January 9th for the beginning of the new session that starts on January 12th."

It's obvious that the 6-foot-4 265 pound Brooks misses the game he loves and can't wait to be back on the gridiron.

"Yea, I really miss it. I just can't wait to get back."

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