Press Conference Quotes: Ralph Friedgen

The following are excerpts from head football coach Ralph Friedgen's weekly gathering with local media. Friedgen and the Terrapins take on NC State Saturday.

On Saturday's game vs. NC State:
"We are getting ready for a heck of challenge this weekend. North Carolina State is a heck of a football team and is playing very well right now. Philip Rivers, in my opinion, is the best quarterback in the country. Coach Blackney was telling me he might be the best quarterback he has ever played against. He is also surrounded by a lot of good receivers and two very talented running backs."

On NC State quarterback Philip Rivers:
"Philip Rivers has the whole package. I know he doesn't have the perfect form but he has the perfect results. His technique has actually gotten better. He has a very quick release, a very strong arm, great vision and is a very intelligent player. You can tell he runs the team like a coach would. He is mobile enough to buy time and get himself out of trouble. He just makes it very difficult to defend and he has done that his whole career. Saturday will be his last game at Carter-Finley Stadium and hopefully it won't be one that I will have to remember. But I will wish him well on Saturday." On the remaining season:
"I told our players destiny is in their hands. If we win our next two games, we will probably play in a New Year's Day bowl. If we win one out of the two, we are probably in a four-way tie for second place [in the ACC]. If we win none out of the two, we probably will not go anywhere. That is all still to be decided. As far as I'm concerned, we will take them one at a time."

On his players' health:
"We have been healthy and have been working very hard since the Georgia Tech game to get better. Each and every week we have improved. I still don't think we are playing as well as we did last year. There is room for improvement. The fact that CJ Brooks and Lamar Bryant are now healthy, I see them getting better. I think Eric Dumas played one of his better games of his career Thursday night. It might have been the best I have seen him play. So yes, we are getting better because of the continuity we are able to maintain."

On Josh Allen:
"We felt he was hot and running well. If he is playing well, we are going to give him the bulk of the carries. From what I saw the other night, I would agree [that he performs best when given continuous carries]."

On whether or not NC State vs. Maryland is a rivalry:
"In many ways we are similar programs. Chuck Amato runs a tough, disciplined program like I do. If you sit Chuck and me down in a room, philosophically we are similar. Despite the fact that he is a defensive coach and I am an offensive coach, our approaches to the game of football are very similar. The rise of our programs has been similar. Each and every year this game seems to be and more of a rivalry."

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