11/18/03: Coaches Corner Recap with Mike Barry

This week's "Coaches Corner" at Playmaker's featured Offensive Line Coach Mike Barry.

Here are some of the key notes that Coach Barry discussed with the Wolfpack fans in attendance at Playmakers today.

- Coach Barry began by mentioning his long-term friendship with Head Coach Chuck Amato and how he was asked to join the Wolfpack when Chuck first took over the job in Raleigh. Barry declined because he was happy at Tennessee, but then realized that he "looked better in red and black then orange" so he joined the Wolfpack coaching staff.

- The Wolfpack's Offensive Line coach called Philip Rivers "the best QB [he's] ever been around." Major props considering some of the talented quarterbacks that Barry has coached. Rivers makes the players around him better and the coaches job much easier.

- When talking about the NC State program, Coach Brry mentioned the new Murphy center and wanted to thank the fans for it because the building is "incredible."

- Alan Halloway will NOT be playing Fullback this weekend against Maryland and he will not be T.A. McLendon's back-up either.

- Maryland has a very solid defense and they will give different looks like most teams in the ACC do. This makes it a real chess game depending on the type of front the offensive line and Rivers see.

- No word yet from the NCAA regarding Chris Colmer's 6th year of eligibility although it would be great if the staff knew before senior day this weekend. With that being said, Colmer will "walk" with the other seniors and if he is awarded a sixth year then next season he can be the "master of ceremonies."

- Coach Barry pointed out that you can never have enough offensive lineman and depth is very important to the position. He never wants to coach a lineman that he can look in the eye... meaning he prefers taller OLs. OG Leroy Harris and OT Derek Morris are incredible building blocks for the future and Barry hopes to add even more talent around players like them.

- When recruiting offensive lineman, Coach Barry prefers to look for multi-sport guys who can play on either side of the ball because he wants lineman who can move. Offensive lineman who are athletic and agile are the future because of how athletic and fast defensive lineman are becoming. Barry referenced to former USC OL Tony Bosselli and current Wolfpacker Sean Locklear as the type of linemen he prefers.

- Speaking of Sean Locklear, Coach Barry said that he's played three positions IN ONE GAME this year and that speaks volumes as to what type of player he is. Locklear has played right tackle, right guard, and left tackle while not complaining a bit. He's athletic, smart, and most important... unselfish. When pro scouts ask about him, Coach Barry always mentions to them that Sean's best years are ahead of him, considering he's only played the position for 1.5 years now.

- When dealing with positions across the offensive line, Coach Barry likes his players to be interchangeable... able to play either spot along the line. The tackles have more pressure on them to perform well because they are on the edge, and that's why at the next level they receive the big bucks.

- When asked about NC State's young defensive line, Coach Barry said his line takes on them during the week in "one-on-ones" and he thinks the defensive line will be "awfully good." With winter workouts and spring practices, guys like John McCargo, Mario Williams, and James Martin will be even better players. Barry feels the defense has the chance to be special next season.

- Barry ended his luncheon by stating that Duke's interim Head Coach Ted Roof's done an excellent job since taking over and should keep the job. Roof has led Duke to their first ACC win [over Georgia Tech] in over 31 games and Barry feels they could get another win before the season's done.

Those were some of the key notes from Coach Mike Barry's luncheon at Playmakers. Next week, Director Basketball Operations Kenya Hunter will be the featured guest at the "Coaches Corner."

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