N.C. State Monday Morning Quarterback
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    Pregame antics a harbinger of tilt

    A pregame scuffle involving the N.C. State marching band and Maryland players turned out to be a sign of things...<br><br><small><b>Other featured stories for 11/24:</b></small> <li><a href="http://www.heraldsun.com/sports/18-417241.html" target=blank><b>N.C. State Monday Morning Quarterback</b></a> <li><a href="http://www.journalnow.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=WSJ/MGArticle/WSJ_ColumnistArticle&c=MGArticle&cid=1031772273693&path=!sports&s=1037645509200" target=blank><b>No Show</b></a>

    Quote of the Day: Kay Yow on the lack of support for Jimmy V Classic - "I mean, it's really disappointing to me. When we came out, I said it really disappoints me, but I have to focus on the game and on the team. I wish I could be the full-time person to try to do something about it, but I can't. I'm the person with the team. I don't understand it because it's for such a worthy cause. It's a person who, in this community, gave a lot. And, it's the best teams in the country. I can't figure it."

    Pregame antics a harbinger of tilt
    Matt Middleton * Technician
    In the week preceding his team's visit to Carter-Finley Stadium, Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen warned his team it would be playing in a hostile environment Saturday in Raleigh. Read More

    N.C. State Monday Morning Quarterback
    Al Featherston * The Herald-Sun
    Tempers flared on the field and in the stands at Carter-Finley Stadium in the moments following Maryland's 26-24 comeback victory against N.C. State on Saturday. Read More

    NO SHOW: Attendance discourages veteran Yow
    Lenox Rawlings * Winston-Salem Journal
    State's Kay Yow dreams of traveling around the world. Yesterday, the closest she got was a sea of empty seats. Read More

    Conf. Overall
    Florida State 7-1 9-2
    Maryland 5-2 8-3
    Clemson 5-3 8-4
    NC State 4-4 7-5
    Virginia 4-4 6-5
    Georgia Tech 4-4 6-6
    Wake Forest 3-4 5-6
    Duke 2-6 4-8
    North Carolina 1-7 2-10

    Gator return nixed
    Lorenzo Perez * News & Observer

    Rivers' career photo album
    News & Observer

    NC State/Maryland photo album
    News & Observer

    It won't be Gator for Pack
    Al Featherston * The Herald-Sun

    Other bowls waiting on Gator
    Tim Peeler * News & Record

    Chuck Amato not good enough to coach at FSU?
    Steve Ellis * Tallahassee Democrat

    Heisman Hoax
    David Skretta * Kansas State Collegian

    Heisman watch
    Luke Winn * SI.com

    Thanks for the ride, Phil

    Shell-shocked again
    Andrew B. Carter * Technician

    From a loyal fan
    Abbie Byrom * Technician

    Hodge paces State in season opener
    Matt Middleton * Technician

    Pack never gives up but falls shy
    A.J. Carr * News & Observer

    A cold feat for Pack
    Joe Johnson * The Herald-Sun

    Dickens having to learn quickly on the go
    Jeff Gluck * Rocky Mount Telegram

    Texas women beat ice-cold N.C. State in Jimmy V Classic
    Joe Johnson * Winston-Salem Journal

    11/21/03: StateFans Football Recruiting Board

    AP Poll

    USA Today/ESPN


    AP Poll

    USA Today/ESPN

    ACC News...
    Duke Monday Morning Quarterback
    Bryan Strickland * The Herald-Sun

    UNC Monday Morning Quarterback
    Neil Amato * The Herald-Sun

    UNC, Duke coaching questions go unanswered
    Larry Keech * News & Record

    Tangerine Bowl Web site posting stirs up Georgia Tech fans
    The Associated Press

    Other News...
    BCS picture clearer now
    The Associated Press

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