Q & A: Gerard Miller

NC State's latest verbal commitment, Vanceboro (NC) West Craven DL Gerard Miller, talks to StateFans about his season and his visit for the Maryland game.

StateFans: Did you get up to the game this weekend?


Miller: It was a good game. I went up with one of my teammates (DB Pierre Bell). He had tickets to go up there too, so we both went. It was a good game. The fumble at the end pretty much took the game away from them. Philip Rivers pretty much showed he is everything everyone says he is. He is a great player.


StateFans: Have you seen the back-up quarterbacks, Stone and Davis play?


Miller: No I haven't seen them. They say the sophomore [Davis] would probably be starting if Philip wasn't playing. He will probably start, but you never know.


StateFans: Will you graduate in December?


Miller: No. I have to go to the second semester.


StateFans: Are you talking about getting to Raleigh in July?


Miller: Yes.


StateFans: Now that you have committed to the Wolfpack, do you talk to other recruits about going to NC State?


Miller: I talked to other recruits like the quarterback from New Bern, Davon Drew. He has been thinking about coming to NC State.


StateFans: Drew is your buddy, right?


Miller: Yes. Drew is real cool.


StateFans: What does he say about his recruitment?


Miller: I think he is just undecided. He is just feeling out the recruiting. He is just looking at all the schools that have offered him. I think he has scholarships from Tennessee, Carolina, Clemson, NC State and ECU.


StateFans: Are all of them talking to him about quarterback?


Miller: Yes, pretty much.


StateFans: Who else did you see at the game?


Miller: I saw some guys from Hargrave. I didn't get a chance to talk to them though. I did talk to the boys from Southeast Raleigh.


StateFans: You are pretty much friends with those guys. Right?


Miller: Yea. I have seen them at other games like the Virginia game; Brian Simmons and most of the D-lineman. They are real cool boys.


StateFans: How is your season going?


Miller: We are going to the fourth round. We have to play Northeast Guilford. They have a pretty good team. The winner goes to the championship.


StateFans: How did West Craven do Friday?


Miller: It was a good game. It came down to the wire. It was a lot like last year. We beat them in the regular season and then they beat us by one touchdown in the play-offs. It was in round three and everything. This year we beat them pretty good in the season, but we knew it would be a hard game coming into the play-offs. We pulled the game out. The final score was 40-34. It should have been 46-34, but they did not count our last touchdown because of over celebration. But in the play-offs, it doesn't matter if you win by 50 or win by 1, as long as you advance to the next round.


StateFans: How are you playing right now?


Miller: Last game I played alright, but I think I did'nt play as good as I should have played. I made mental mistakes. It was more of a scrambling quarterback, so I had to fight double teams. If I went inside, he would go outside. If I went outside, he would go inside. I am going over the tape right now. So I just need to cut down on my mistakes so I can polish my game up for the game this Friday.


StateFans: When you look at these tapes and evaluate your play what do you see?


Miller: Right now, I think I am doing well on my blocking. I just need to come with a little more power. I am catching pretty good. I have 14 catches for about 230 yards. Defensively, I am coming off the ball pretty fast like I use to but I need to flatten out a little more so I can get to the quarterback more and I got to step up and make big plays when we need them.


StateFans: How do you feel about NC State, now that you have been committed for a few weeks?


Miller: Oh yea. I have made my mind up that I am coming to State. People ask me everyday and they know you can still change your decision, but I am staying with State. I am trying to talk to some more people about going to State; People whose mind is not made up like Andre Brown, Trimane Goddard, and Drew. I think some guys will go because I have already made my mind up. They'll think ‘maybe if Gerard is going, something good is going on.'


StateFans: Thanks Gerard.

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