Quotes From Mazda Tangerine Bowl Press Conference

Florida Citrus Sports Executive Director Tom Mickle, NC State Coach Chuck Amato, and Quarterback Philip Rivers quotes from the Tangerine Bowl Press Conference.

Florida Citrus Sports Executive Director Tom Mickle on a possible opponent for NC State:

"We're waiting for the Big 12 regular season to finish. We think it will most likely be the University of Kansas or the University of Colorado. There's a small chance it could be Nebraska, but I think most likely it will be Kansas or Colorado."

On why NC State was selected over two other ACC teams in the mix:

"If I had to pick two items that influenced the decision, it would be the opportunity to have Philip Rivers in his last game and the marketability of that individual to the local people. Secondly, probably the head to head results on the field. The teams we had available were NC State, Virginia and Georgia Tech. Virginia and NC State are where our people ended up. Having just played three weeks ago and having NC State win that game 50-37. There were also some of the quality wins NC State had when you match them up to other teams, we were thinking they had two or three wins against quality competition."

NC State quarterback Philip Rivers on playing his last college game in the Mazda Tangerine Bowl:

"I mentioned to some of our seniors last week that we kind of get two ends. There's the last home game last week, but we also knew that we had another game to play. I think our team is an exciting team to watch and we've been in some exciting games. Unfortunately, we've been on the other end of those close ones. We look forward to going down there; we had a good time down there last time.The city itself is a fun place to be and enjoy. We're being rewarded for what we've done this year, but the bottom line is that we're going down there to win the game. That's the task at hand."

Head coach Chuck Amato expects big turn out from Wolfpack fans:

"We don't have the biggest stadium in the league, but I bet percentage wise it's filled to capacity as much as any stadium in the league is. They're outstanding fans and they make a lot of noise. I think they'll want to see Philip play in person one more time."

On the extra practice time bowls afford teams:

"It's almost a spring practice without restrictions. It's a time that we can go back to step A and start with fundamentals. All the little things like blocking, tackling and catching a football. All the little things that when you look back at our season are the things that create chances for us to lose. I'm looking forward to getting with these young kids."

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