The good, bad and ugly of ACC "> The good, bad and ugly of ACC ">

Wolfpack's key remains waiting for an open shot

N.C. State's offense is predicated on patience. Players are required to work for the best shot through the offense, and to sometimes pass up open looks early in a possession to work toward an even higher percentage shot. <br><br><small><b>Other featured stories for 11/27:</b></small><li><a href="" target=blank><b>The good, bad and ugly of ACC </b></a>

Quote of the Day: Chuck Amato on NC State fan turnout for Tangerine Bowl - "We don't have the biggest stadium in the league, but I bet percentage wise it's filled to capacity as much as any stadium in the league is. They're outstanding fans and they make a lot of noise. I think they'll want to see Philip play in person one more time."

Wolfpack's key remains waiting for an open shot
Andrew Jones * Star-News
In Tuesday's 71-51 victory over Howard, N.C. State didn't execute to coach Herb Sendek's liking. Read More

The good, bad and ugly of ACC
Mike Knobbler * The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The ACC players and coach of the year will be announced next week, but with only one conference game left on the schedule we're prepared to hand out the following awards for 2003. Read More

Shot Charts - NC State vs Howard

N.C. State to play at home
Bill Cole * Winston-Salem Journal

Pack is Orlando bound
Lorenzo Perez * News & Observer

Wolfpack Travels Westward For Oregon Classic

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Antwain Carey Favors Three ACC Programs

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AP Poll


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ACC set for influx of talent
Caulton Tudor * News & Observer

Yellow Jackets stun No. 1 Huskies in NIT
The Associated Press

Redskins coordinator interviewed for Duke coaching job
J.P. Giglio * News & Observer

Coaches balance challenges, confidence
Mike Lucas * The Capital Times

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Dear Santa
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No Juice: 'Canes fans staying away in droves
Lenox Rawlings * Winston-Salem Journal

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