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Finish Your Holiday Shopping at UHQ.com!

Great gifts for all the Wolfpackers on your shopping list – find them at <A HREF="http://www.uhq.com">UHQ.com!</A>

Keep them all warm with our winter gear – Block S Fleece Vests, NEW NCSU Oval Design Hooded Sweatshirts, Long Sleeve Tees, AND Long Sleeve Block S Polo Shirts.

Unique gift items – NEW Chuck Amato Throwback Football Jersey – scheduled to arrive this week AND the new red NCSU Hockey Jersey – this is the new color for the hockey team this year.

What would make a great stocking stuffer? What about a Block S Hitch Cover, our NEW NC State 100% Silk Ties, or any one of our Wolfpack Magnets.

Need a few more gifts for the kids? What about a Mini NCSU Football, a long sleeve tee, or a #17 jersey… sure to please our little fans!

And we can't forget about the ladies on our lists… check out our NEW 100% silk scarf or one of our Long Sleeve NC State Wolfpack Baby Doll Tees… both are stylish (and warm) ways to show support for the Pack.

Check us out at UHQ.com for even more great gift ideas!

**Triangle residents can save shipping costs by picking up their orders – call Claire for details – 919-821-4373**

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