Tangerine a bittersweet conclusion "> Tangerine a bittersweet conclusion ">

Tangerine is worth the trip

Ten reasons why you should consider following the Kansas University football team to the Tangerine Bowl ... <br><br><small><b>Other featured stories for 12/5:</b></small> <li><a href="http://technicianonline.com/12052003/Sports/S1_bowl.php" target=blank><b>Tangerine a bittersweet conclusion </b></a>

Quote of the Day: The Technician's Andrew B. Carter - "It's hard to figure out who was most brainwashed by last season's Gator Bowl - the media or the N.C. State fan base."

Tangerine is worth the trip
Chuck Woodling * KU Sports
10. If you don't go this year, you might have to wait awhile. Read More

Tangerine a bittersweet conclusion
Matt Middleton * Technician
They wanted to taste something sweet in the postseason, like sugar. Or something juicy, like an orange. They might have settled for a bowl of peaches or a date with alligators, too. Read More

ACC - Big Ten Wrap Up
Tony Haynes * GoPack.com

Summation of a season
Andrew B. Carter * Technician

Mazda Tangerine Bowl
Florida Citrus Sports

NCSU, Wake ranked in top four in national standings
News & Observer

Group Formed To Promote Attendance At RBC Center
The Associated Press

Wolfpack Suits Up to Face No. 9/11 Georgia

Wolfpack and Hurricanes Lead for Florida Standout
Mike Bakas * The Insiders

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ACC News...
This time, Alleva's choice a good one
Frank Dascenzo * The Herald-Sun

The Courtmaster recaps the ACC - Big 10 Challenge
Jim Johnson * The Insiders

Other News...
Mississippi's Manning earns Unitas Award
The Associated Press

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