Estopinan: "It Went Real Good"

Miami (FL) South High School Linebacker Javier Estopinan hit the road for his first official visit this weekend to North Carolina State.

"It went good. It went real good," Javier Estopinan told StateFans. "I met with Coach Amato and Coach Diaz and we talked. They told me that I was the only middle linebacker they were really recruiting. I think the middle linebacker really leads the 'pack so I was excited about that."

Estopinan's player host was back-up NC State linebacker Patrick Lowery.

"He's a cool guy. I got to know him better because he's not really a starter and it gave me the experience of a freshman. I got more out of hanging with Lowery then with a starter because he can tell me how he's improved and I can see what I would need to do."

"Javy" was accompanied to NC State by his parents. It was their first time making the trip to Raleigh.

"My mom and dad came down with me and they thought it was real good too. They liked the facilities and the coaches."

Estopinan feels that NC State and Florida are recruiting him the hardest at this time, yet he's not ready to name a leader.

"Not really, I want to visit all of them first before doing that. Next weekend I go to Ohio State, then FSU on January 9th and Florida on January 16th."

What impressed Estopinan the most about his NC State visit? It could be the Wolfpack's charismatic head coach, Chuck Amato.

"Coach Amato's great.. almost like something out of this world."

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