Miami Lineman Enjoys First Official Visit

Miami Edison HS player Jacky Claude (6'4" 300) made the trek north to the NC State campus this weekend to check out the Wolfpack program. StateFans caught up with the massive lineman to see how his first official visit went.

NC State is looking for big offensive lineman in the class of 2004. Miami Florida's Jacky Claude is one of the linemen that the Pack would love to ink on signing day. StateFans asked the OL to tell us what he did on his visit to Raleigh.

"First when we got there, they had a couple of people pick us up and took us to our place," he said. "Then we went to the facility. We got with a couple of other players and talked. Later that night, we had dinner and they showed us around town, around campus at all that stuff. The weather wasn't so bad. It was just kind of chilly. The campus was nice. They also showed me where the players stayed. They also showed me where they are building new apartments. That looked real nice. They are going to be finished in about a year and a half."

NC State is preparing to meet Kansas in the Tangerine Bowl, and Jacky got to see first hand what a December practice looks like at NC State.

"I got to watch a couple of their practices. They were telling me that they really needed offensive linemen and depth. If I come in there and work hard, I might be able to start."

The Wolfpack has a roster stocked full of Miami area players and would like to add a few more on signing day.

"Troy Graham, the safety #27, was my host. He was pretty cool. He was from Miami Central. So we talked and he let me know a couple of things. There are some Miami players there. They say everybody treats each others like brothers and stuff. Everybody is cool to each other and when I watched them, you could tell they enjoyed each other's company. They were laughing and having a good time. They treated me like I was one of their teammates."

Claude was able to meet his position coach along with some others on the staff during his visit.

"I met with Coach Barry, the line coach. He was pretty cool. He is old style coach. He gets down to business. I also met the strength coach. I met a couple other coaches too."

Jacky was also able to talk with Coach Amato before he left.

"I sat down and talked to him (Amato). He asked me about my family and my background, my history and all that stuff. He really wants me at NC State. I told him I was really considering it. I would go up there for real. But I want to take my other visits and see how that goes."

Claude met a fellow Miami native while in Raleigh.

"I met JR Bryant. We played against each other but I just didn't know him well. We talked a lot. He likes NC State. He said he might go up there and play. He asked me that question about State. I said ‘I was just going to wait and pray on it to see how I felt'."

We asked Jacky to rate his visit. "I give it an 8. I don't have any favorites because I haven't been able to visit anyone else. I still need to visit Auburn, Florida State, Rutgers and South Florida."

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