Alabama QB to Follow in Footsteps of Rivers?

Mountain Brook (AL) Quarterback <B>Tribble Reese</b> just completed his second official visit to NC State and he had great things to say about the Wolfpack program.

"I didn't go into the visit thinking I was going to commit or anything like that, but man I was really impressed," Tribble Reese said. "I went up there on Friday and went to a practice. I got to meet Philip Rivers and he called me over to talk about their offense. He's a real cool guy and he's just a great role model. He's the nicest guy in the world."

Although he had a great visit, the Alabama standout was hesitant to name any school a leader.

"I heard a Clemson website said I was close to committing but that's not true," he said. "I don't have any favorites right now and my top schools are Wake Forest (12/5 OV), Clemson (1/9 OV), NC State (12/12 OV), Notre Dame, LSU, and Ole Miss."

Reese who camped at Ole Miss and Auburn, has one other visit scheduled and intends on setting up his two final visits.

"I have Clemson on January 9th and I'm going to set two up to either LSU, Notre Dame, or Ole Miss. I may commit before taking them but I'm going to set those up just in case."

While in Raleigh, Tribble was able to observe the new facilities at NC State.

"NC State has this new building that overlooks the stadium and has it's incredible. Their academic center is impressive too. The overall facilities there was just great."

His player host on the official was NC State's John Richter, who Reese described as "the nicest guy you'll meet." Two other prospects were also in Raleigh and Tribble had a chance to meet them as well.

"Yea, I met JR Bryant, a DB from Florida and a wideout named Dorien [Bryant] who's supposed to be the fastest player in America. I don't think they committed though, but they were having a great time too."

Before returning home from NC State, Reese spent some quality time with NC State Head Coach Chuck Amato.

"I talked with Coach Amato for about twenty minutes in his office. He's a great guy and really pumps you up. He loves the game and loves his players. His #1 goal is to win a national championship and he makes that clear. They've had two good recruiting classes and look like they are going to get another one too. He's a great guy."

Tribble had hoped his parents would join him in Raleigh for his visit, but they were unable to attend. Will they make it back up to NC State for an unofficial visit?

"I flew up to NC State on Friday and my parents were going to drive up early Saturday morning but my dad got real sick so they couldn't make it. We're going to go back on an unofficial though because I want them to check out NC State."

Reese will likely have a decision in January and is fully qualified with over a 1300 on the SAT and a 3.6 GPA.

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