Visit Recap: Palm Beach Gardens DE Willie Young

It's time to recap Palm Beach Gardens (FL) Defensive End <B>Willie Young's</b> official visit to NC State, as we take a closer look at his first trip of the recruiting season!

Palm Beach Gardens (FL) Defensive End Willie Young just completed his first official visit to NC State this past weekend.

"It went pretty good man, it went pretty good," he said. "I hung out with the players on the team mostly and checked out that academic center they got. I enjoyed it."

One particular aspect of the visit that Willie liked was the new Wendell Murphy Football Center, recently completed this year.

"Man that thing's crazy. That's where I would spend all my time at! You got a whole 4-story building to yourself, and they have everything in there. It was just great."

Young's player host was NC State Linebacker Manny Lawson, who hosted Wolfpack verbal Gerard Miller last weekend.

"Manny Lawson... I just think he was the coolest. All of those guys are tight, but he was the one that was hosting me, and I got to know a little bit more about him. He just took me around, showed me the area, and introduced me to all the other players. Manny's my man though for real."

Willie also feels comfortable with the playing time situation at NC State, believing that if he does his part he would have a chance to play early there.

"Nothing is promised wherever I go, but if I go there and do what I need to do then it's likely I'll be on the field early. They like me at weakside defensive end... I do know that."

Before heading back home with his father, who drove up for the visit, the Young's were able to spend some time with NC State's Head Football Coach, Chuck Amato.

"He was real cool, and I could see myself getting along with him. I just like how he do things on and off the field."

Willie, who has visits set to Ohio State (1/9) and Georgia (1/23) stated that he's going to take all five visits before committing.

"Oh, I know I'm going to go ahead and take all five of those visits before announcing anything. I don't know who the other two visits are going to be, but I'm going to Georgia and Ohio State."

Willie said that he doesn't have a favorite but he plans on making an unofficial visit within the next week.

"I'm going to try and go to that NC State game against Kansas in Orlando. We talked about that when I was at NC State so I'm going to do that for sure."

He did want to end his interview with one important note.

"I could see myself fitting in there real good, I can tell you that."

DE #80 Willie Young (Sun-Sentinel)

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