Tangerine wasn't N.C. State's desired fruit at start of season"> Tangerine wasn't N.C. State's desired fruit at start of season">

A tale of two quarterbacks

When Kansas University football coach Mark Mangino accepted an invitation last month to play North Carolina State Monday in Orlando, Fla., Tangerine Bowl officials hailed their event as a matchup of two talented senior quarterbacks. <br><br><small><b>Other featured stories for 12/18:</b></small> <li><a href="http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/sports/7516745.htm" target=blank><b>Tangerine wasn't N.C. State's desired fruit at start of season</b></a>

Quote of the Day: KU coach Mark Mangino wanting warmer weather other than the 50 degrees he found in Orlando - "We packed bathing suits."

Quote of the Day Extra: Chuck Amato on the same Orlando cold weather - "It's a little cooler than we expected. It's cooler here than it was at home."

A tale of two quarterbacks
David Mitchell * KUSports
KU's Bill Whittemore -- a third-team All-Big 12 selection -- probably could have done without the comparisons to Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year Philip Rivers that followed. Read More

Tangerine wasn't N.C. State's desired fruit at start of season
Rick Plumlee * The Witchita Eagle
North Carolina State had visions of playing in the Orange Bowl, or at the very least the Gator or Peach. Read More

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