Dukes Down to Wolfpack and Buckeyes?

Albert Dukes of Belle Glade, FL came up to visit Ohio State not too long ago and stayed with ex-teammate Santonio Holmes. Dukes is focusing on two schools right now, with Ohio State being one of them.

Albert Dukes Profile

Where have you been on your visits and where are you planning on going next?

"I went to visit Ohio State. My next visit is going to be NC State."

When is the NC State visit?

"My visit to NC State is going to be on (January) the 30th."

So you only have the two visits – Ohio State and NC State?


How did the Ohio State visit go?

"It went well. I stayed with a former player from my school and hung out with the team."

Who was your host?

"Santonio Holmes."

Are you two good friends from high school?


What were some of the highlights of your trip?

"We went out and spent time – met other players on the team, went to the practice with them, went to the stadium."

What did you think of the stadium?

"I liked it. It was big."

What about the weather? Some Florida guys can't handle the weather.

"It bothers me a little bit."

Did you talk about that with any of the coaches or players?

"They know. Santonio and some guys told me that the weather – I mean, it's weather that you can play in."

What were your final statistics for your senior season?

"56 catches, 1,040 yards, and 17 touchdowns."

What is your size/weight/speed right now?

"My size is 185, 6'1 ½", and 4.4."

What is the best part of your game?

"Catching the ball and yards after the catch and not being able to be tackled so easily."

What will you be working on to reach the next level?

"Probably routes. My blocking skills are ok – well, I am going to have to work on blocking skills too, but mostly routes."

What is one really good thing about NC State and Ohio State?

"Ohio State, they are a good all around school and I like the atmosphere."

"NC State, they throw the ball more I think, and I like that. They have a lot of receivers on the field at one time. They are pretty good all around too."

Are you academically qualified?

"Yes. I took the ACT already. I scored a 17, but I took it one more time. My test score is going to be back in. I have like a 3.6 GPA."

What will your major be?


Are there any other schools in you are seriously considering or anyone you are favoring?

"I'm not favoring anyone right now."

When will you be making your decision?

"After my last visit."

Will you be waiting a few days or will you make it almost immediately?

"(I will) come home and wait a few days."

Who is recruiting you?

"Coach Snyder and Coach Holliday."

What is going to help you make your decision?

"The weather, the atmosphere, how many receivers are leaving and coming back. The percentage of what they throw, and my major when I do decide."

Have you looked at the depth chart at both schools?

"I have looked at NC State some, but I am going to get into more details when I go visit."

So, are you hoping to get early playing time if you were to come to Ohio State?

"I feel I can play if I come there and work hard."

What do you like to do when you are not working on football?

"I like playing video games and watching DVDs."

What is your favorite DVD?

"I like Final Destination II – mostly scary movies."

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